Minor Event: XP (Replace Feeding)


god I forgot about XP event, best event ever, getting reward just doing what you’d be doing anyways! :clap::clap::clap:


Red, this is an amazing proposal! I love it!


Or maybe a consumable that doubles, or even triples the base exp a dragon earns per hit, giving more points? :grimacing:


What PG states and what PG does are two vastly different things :joy:


Allow me to break this down more completely so you can see how log10 makes things super duper fabulously even no matter if you’re F2P, E2P, or even in dread with their Atlas bonus.

LEVEL BASE XP POINTS (log10) ELITE XP (total) Elite Points (log10) Elite + Max Atlas Elite + Max Atlas Points (log10)
25 1,051 3.0 1,839 3.3 3,127 3.5
50 2,790 3.4 4,883 3.7 8,300 3.9
75 5,565 3.7 9,739 4.0 16,556 4.2
100 10,780 4.0 18,865 4.3 32,071 4.5
125 20,595 4.3 36,041 4.6 61,270 4.8
150 43,799 4.6 76,648 4.9 130,302 5.1
175 88,359 4.9 154,628 5.2 262,868 5.4
200 123,995 5.1 216,991 5.3 368,885 5.6
225 155,495 5.2 272,116 5.4 462,598 5.7
250 186,995 5.3 327,241 5.5 556,310 5.7
275 218,495 5.3 382,366 5.6 650,023 5.8
300 249,995 5.4 437,491 5.6 743,735 5.9
325 362,716 5.6 634,753 5.8 1,079,080 6.0
350 526,267 5.7 920,967 6.0 1,565,644 6.2
375 763,572 5.9 1,336,251 6.1 2,271,627 6.4
400 912,933 6.0 1,597,633 6.2 2,715,976 6.4


Glory calculations are harder yet they there are, that didn’t stopped to implement it


I’d love to hear more from:

@firingmulejr @DreadedSloth @darkladyraven @GrandtheftCali @Seraphim666 @Tatsuyama @Arka83 @MarcTang & @Clarabb as to why you would prefer feeding. No shame at all, I legit just want to know your perspective.

Same for @DarkTemplar @RainbowKat @ChaosRiderEff @derpyhooves77 & @Drag0n41 on what major things you’d like changed.


i answered this because you didnt give an option to keep feeding and adding the newly proposed xp event. if it comes down to choosing one id go with feeding.

btw isnt your proposal pretty similar to the xp events we had 2 years ago or so?


It’s legit the same exact thing, lol.

Can I ask why you like feeding more?


You missed the most important thing for PG. $$ where is their incentive to do this?

Now i am sure PG could figure this out, but given that most of them lack any real understanding of the game perhaps we should lay it out for them?

$$ will come from gold chest PG, in the form of EXP potions and EXP boosts.

Feeding = no real reason to open chests, food packs maybe. But even the spenders dont bother, banks, production boosts and saved food packs from opening during breed generally have them covered.

With EX event = No way to prep for the event (other than not levelling the useless dragons) so if someone wants to ‘Buy’ their win, they need to do it with EXP potions and EXP boosts.


I agree it’s probably the lesser of two evils to have log10 scoring, just that unintuitive to an 8 year old=whining and complaining and headaches for PG staff.

I am struggling to come up with a scoring system that doesn’t HEAVILY favor invader bases, because of how the maxXP system is designed. As is, at lvl 236 an “average” base about my level gives me maybe 25% maxXP. Red’s base only gives me 50% maxXP and shes 100+ levels above me. Meanwhile, invader bases can literally be run with your eyes closed for maxXP. Maybe a mixed feeding/xp event (without the damnable perches) so running real bases and getting food isn’t a huge opportunity cost? Not sure here.


first make the event more interesting combining a pvp mechanism( still thinking how ) and make prizes more worth it .

or make the event a kind of pseudo pvp where team prizes would be based on a fight to travell through lands and get the ultimate prize of food till next round . I dunno something less boring and more pvp-ish

does that answer my voting @TheRedDelilah


disabling invader could make it more interesting… :smiling_imp:

And i like giving a bonus for a defended base. Would make it even more interesting if only 1 dragons exp counted towards event. (give people a reason to defend to try to make it so people use more dragons for less exp, or base it on flames i suppose (flame bonus?))


Log10 doesn’t heavily favor invader though. See my chart above.

It’s been suggested to give more points for hitting defended bases, too.


You do realize running a base that is 25% of your XP will give you like 85-90% of the points of a max XP for your level run right?


Log10 is tuff man :frowning:


Thank you @TheRedDelilah ! This is much better indeed, my math is rusty :neutral_face:




Why replace feeding? Why not just add “XP” as new Minor Event? I am a low level Player with just Elite, Feeding gives me lots of Sigils i can earn, just with activity–more than pvp. (Actually i have XP to feed 91M, enough for 2 Events and only dragons i dont use). Better fix the PVP…and remove the Mega-Coins (or just count the Points for personal points instead of Team-points).


Oh my god you got your Mechcat title!!! :laughing: :t_rex: