Minor Event: XP (Replace Feeding)


I think I just proved my own point about log10 being tough! Right as always mech.


I actually like feeding because I grind so much and usually stop feeding the majority of my lineage dragons once they are breedable and/or can solo for max xp.

I usually get to the 450/500 prize by Friday and can just spend the weekend in real life while banking the rss my mills and farms spit out.

I certainly don’t starve (good) divines and I keep all dragons until they have enough xp banked for expert level.

In a nutshell it was easy I guess, and that takes into account production/protection mostly works for me (when I’m online all day at work).

This sounds like fun too, just a bit more work for me personally, but I fly anyhow, so probably not really.


Because an xp event means there won’t be a food drought. Even if you don’t feed the dragons, you still get points for doing the runs and building up xp on them. The major problem with feeding events is that it has created the mentality of “oh, let’s starve my dragons so I can do better in the feeding event.”

This leads to a major shortage of RSS during feeding events. I personally hate feeding, even though it’s easy to do well in, because the smart thing to do in order to do well in the events is deploy food boosts, and then waste food feeding your perches every 18 minutes. Raiding is no fun because actually getting any food worth using is more than a bit of a crap shoot.


Has anybody gotten PG into this discussion, yet?

Don’t know who to @…but this is a proper, constructive discussion and deserves to be on their radar


I prefer feeding because it’s a very easy event. All you got to do is feed your drags and perches. Also you score really easy with the food you have and for those with atlas food banks, your team helps you if you need food. If ppl want to see something new instead of feeding event then they should change fort because it’s basically the same event just without the timers. I like your idea with this new event but I guess I’m just use to feeding I been playing for over 3 years and most of the time feeding is once a season so I don’t get tired of it. My simple opinion.


A few thoughts, based on what’s been mentioned above:

  • The event should encourage players fighting players:

    • Disable invader bases for the event (or at least make them not count for event points)

    • Add a multiplier for hitting defended bases, or even just based on the target’s activity level (So hitting active players/teams is beneficial, as opposed to, say, Evas)

    • With free heals, and a big XP bonus, hitting real players is not just possible but genuinely a good idea, increasing player interaction (rather than just having people endlessly farm XP bases/invader bases)

  • Points should be based on (or mainly based on) ‘less-than-ideal’ dragons:

    • Doing runs with [insert less-trained/lineage dragon] should be encouraged, as compared to endlessly repeated runs with your favorite divine.

    • Maybe much higher points for flying lineage dragons? Or for non-expert/non-den-capped dragons? Maybe points for divines reduced by X%?

    • Something to make the event more than the usual “Lead with baby, immediately swap to best divine/person following you, clear base.”

  • Encourage leveling dragons:

    • Sort of a holdover from feeding, but give players a reason to level up their dragons. Maybe X points per dragon level or something. It adds some food pressure, but it doesn’t make food a necessity. And it requires activity, rather than just perch feeding.

Basically, encourage PvP, discourage farming, encourage leveling, and encourage use of babies/lineage dragons instead of your best divines.


I fail to see how this :point_up: and this :point_down:

are compatible. I don’t know about you but I like being independent and not having to ask my teammates for back up on every single run. Yet if I can’t use the invader base to gain xp on my baby & lineage dragons, that’s what I’d be forced to do since live bases that give max xp are leagues harder than the invader base.

Edit: Also:

This is not compatible with the idea of using lineage dragons instead of your best divines. If I’m going to be hitting a shit ton of regular live bases, I want to make sure I can win. That means divines since most of the lineage dragons that I have available to me just aren’t on par with the divines at all. Especially with the current base meta.

I’m only an average flyer. I’m not some dragon savant like @Lutrus who can make the dragons do things that I can only dream of. I’d get slaughtered and get crap xp for my lindeage dragons if I took them out on live bases. And if this event didn’t come with free healing, it would soooo not be worth using my lineage dragons at all.


I’m honestly not sure how to make all the pieces work together. I’m just looking for the issues with the basic design.

  • If you can get all your points with invader bases, you might as well just keep feeding. At least feeding does more to encourage attacking other players, instead of just farming invader bases endlessly.

  • If you can get all your points with divines, then you might as well just keep feeding. It’s basically like feeding, except you don’t have to train new dragons, and there’s an unlimited amount of resources.


The point of an XP based event over feeding is that it encourages players to actually play the game.

You know what feeding encourages?
Answer: logging in every 18 minutes to feed your perch from your boosted farms. It does not encourge me to get out there and play the game.


Sooo…don’t make perch feeding count for the event?


THIS is a fair point, but there are still teams like mine that don’t have Atlas, yet.

Invader bases are great for XP…but we don’t have access…so perhaps if we had access I wouldn’t be as supportive of the XP weekend/event thing

For now, and maybe for teams that don’t have atlas, it seems like an AWESOME idea


And for people like @mechengg who have experted practically all their dragons and the rest are den capped? Are they supposed to just get screwed out of participating and earning points?


Mine doesn’t have Atlas either. But encouraging the entire Atlas population to farm invader bases for quick, easy points instead of actually engaging doesn’t seem like a good thing.


But then you would be asking people to get less XP than their max. This means that they would only want to run expert dragons. Unless you don’t have anything else this seems kind of pointless.


Hence the reason I put forth a number of suggestions. So, for example, experted dragons could get some points, but not as many as un-experted, or divine dragons could earn fewer - not zero, but fewer - points than lineage dragons.


It’s been brought up that:

  • Atlas invader bonuses don’t really make a significant difference even if you have Dread’s bonus
  • this event actually caters more to and is easier for smaller levels than bigger
  • defenders should boost the numbers of points you get
  • feed encourages a lot more bad behavior


Why? Do people not fly expert dragons or should they be encouraged not to?


I think for the most part, what I see is people finding their top handful of dragons and flying them over and over again. It seems like an event that encourages players to use other dragons - not necessarily requires it, but encourages it - would be a positive thing.


Soooo, I’m hoping to hit lvl 226 during fort. If I look at Red’s handy dandy chart, there is a diference of 0.5 points between a player in that level range who is F2P vs an E2P player with maxed out xp bonuses from Atlas…

I’d have to say that’s pretty damn fair.



As Liz pointed out, all of the top players in the game with all expert dragons and nothing else to breed are completely screwed then. I’m not a top player but i try to have every dragon i own either capped or experted (have been running a bit short lately due to my massive level up last fort event and 4 den levels) so feeding dragons isn’t possible.