Minor Event: XP (Replace Feeding)


Thank you Liz :hugs:


I’m not talking about blocking XP gain entirely, just suggesting that there should be some advantage to using non-experted ones.

I just see much less benefit in replacing the event if the design goes from “Hit the player bases with the most food with your best dragons, and also train your baby dragons,” to “Farm XP bases or invader bases endlessly.”


Feeding is easy, I agree with all of you on that. UNTIL all the food is gone.

I don’t see how getting XP makes it any harder. Doesn’t the vast majority use there multipliers daily? So the work you do daily anyway would = Points.

I believe this event would be the ONLY thing in game that would encourage players to play ‘smart’ (not just blindly level your base) As it stands feeding is once or twice a season. Encouraging players to horde XP, while (especially now with the new cadence) build once every three weeks. Granted not everyone hordes but that is what the game teaches beginners. “build more tower, clear the fog…hold everything to make the most of the events”

I feel like this would be a reward for moving in the right direction. Plus it would add activity, team work/help lower level players. now the backer would get something out of it besides being helpful.

We all grind XP on an XP base or invader base. Does it really matter where the XP comes from? Some people struggle with invader bases just like they would with the XP base. Its all a matter of, how much did you blindly level to make points in fort?

As far as the top player go, wouldn’t the same apply to feeding? All they have is the perch. Plus you still get XP on expert dragons. So they would still get points when they farm invaders for materials or hit enemy bases.


The suggestion has been made that runs done against live bases that have defenders would be worth more points than an invader base.

Plus an XP based event actually rewards experting your dragons more than a feeding event does since expert dragons gain more xp.


Why does it matter in the slightest? To force me to use a dragon i will never fly?


This may be a stupid question,

Isn’t your max XP, your max XP regardless of what dragon you use?


No. Once a dragon reaches expert, it gets an xp bonus.


Ohh, yes, this would give me a reason to drag all of the warriors I threw into my den after they were breedable because I couldn’t stand flying them due to the sheer mind-numbing simplicity required to fly them…

:roll_eyes: Yeah… I don’t want to see Ursa again. Or Avalanche… I can’t stand those dragons…


expert dragons get a 6x multi bonus on their first attack of the day. nothing significant


Then 4.8x the second time
3.6x the third time
Then 1.2x all normal runs


Thanks @DocHoIIiday and @MikeH8sDisGame never noticed that.


Basically a permanent 120% multiplier.


I have a couple more thoughts based on what else has been said. First of all, Red has shown that with a Log10 system there is a small difference between elite holders, normal players (which is good, there should be a small boost), and Atlas players. The Atlas thing is pretty much unavoidable. Disabling xp for invader bases is the best way to get around this, but it would piss off a whole lot of people. Hopefully your team is not competing against Atlas teams anyways if you don’t have Atlas (yes Plat 4 will be a struggle in some places). And to anyone complaining that Log10 does not give a massive advantage to you because you are a high level, get over yourself, everyone needs xp.

Second, you are encouraged to use both divine and lineage dragons because of this:

You also aren’t punished for experting dragons, instead it is encouraged.

I do like the idea that defended bases give extra points, but the bonus would have to counter the extra points from an Atlas run. Probably had more comments on stuff that got buried.


Evas gives max XP well past level 25. Gave, with the old totem. Last I looked they added a flak and a bunch of lightning so it’s probably a lot more, but requires faster hands than mine to get through with a red Ember.


Even so. With Log10 a big player would get around the same points.


You still earn XP on experts and capped (as you see at the end of flights). Just can’t use it by leveling. If just XP event, as opposed to training (leveling) Mech, I and others will be OK.

Maybe I misunderstood something. It’s early here.



AeanaeA was suggesting that maybe feeding perches shouldn’t count as points in the feeding event. I was saying why that would be bad :laughing: (I.E. there are people who wouldn’t be able to participate since every dragon they have is expert and/or den capped.)

In an xp earned event however, those expert dragons would be a slight advantage since they earn slightly more xp than non-expert dragons.


See? Too early, I thought you were saying expert dragons couldn’t earn XP.



Hehehe, no worries :kissing_heart: It’s currently too damn early here too. Freaking 6 am…


I personally think feeding should stay… even if u dont have dragons to feed u can always get some points hy feeding those 3 perches :grin:

I do like the idea of adding different minor events… maybe take out a fort here and there and add this xp event or something new would be a good suggestion…