Minor Event: XP (Replace Feeding)


And for those who kept their base short and only have 1 perch? It sucks. The whole premise of the event is honestly stupid and encourages stupid behavior, like starving dragons, or building 3 perches when you only need 1 or 2. And rarely do people have enough pearls to keep even 2 perches up with their storage cap(since storage is the only limit on perch level). I love this xp event idea though. Pretty fair across high and low levels, pretty fair between spenders and non spenders, and PG can still make money on it selling XP potions and boosts.
Edit: not calling you stupid, just saying that very very few people have a real use for 3 perches, much less the pearls to level them


Been asking for this for a LONG time. Thanks for writing out a proper proposal @TheRedDelilah


I haven’t see anything from PG, has anyone @ the Chocolate/Rocket?


They haven’t responded to really anything in suggestions.


Feeding is the worst !
With Fortification people run out of timers, so anyone can make gains in the end.
With Feeding, its a 20k food per run grind all the way to the end, so get your bank requests in early to beat out your teammates.
No Thank You!


I hate feeding and never starve my dragons. Would love it a lot more of it were BEFORE breeding.
Love the idea! Please let this be a thing again. I miss some Of the old events


I’ll start off saying ai’m hugely in favour of improving on feeding, and think this alternative has potential.

That said, I think this event doesn’t yet meet the stated aim of getting people back into the parts of the game they love.

What this event encourages is grinding, and finding the easiest way to do it to maximise XP. Hitting Invader endlessly for an entire weekend doesn’t sound like fun, it sounds like purgatory. Even if they did disable it, as suggested, we’d switch to XP farms or the easiest damn bases we could find.

The good thing about feeding is that you have to hit other players - and you pick targets based on the resources they (appear to) have, which might mean stretching yourself on a tougher base. The frustration is that the economy means you spend ages finding any target worth hitting, and invariably find they don’t have the resources you expected at the end of your run. An XP event would have guaranteed rewards, but removes any incentive to challenge yourself. Collaboration with teammates is just about being present in each others’ runs, not actually working together. This event would push me away from the parts of the game I love.

There is a suggestion of getting bonus xp for hitting defended bases, but there is no incentive to actually defend. I lose nothing of real value if my base gets beaten. Even if I were rewarded for joining a defence (e.g. with event points) I’d only actively defend if I felt like being ‘difficult’ or inexplicably felt I had too many hammers. And you’d still just push people to hit the easiest bases they find, where the defence becomes irrelevant anyway.

If you can find a way to introduce a challenging, competitive aspect, I’d be all in - and I’m sorry I haven’t got a better suggestion myself, but hopefully this is constructive feedback.


You have some valid points, but feeding doesnt really encourage hitting anyone, because an hour after the event starts the food is all gone, and it doesnt matter if you try hitting someone 100+ levels above you, because they dont have food anyway. What feeding does encourage is using the food boost on your farms, and logging in once an hour to collect it and feed your perches. Or starving dragons for months so you can buy food packs to feed them with. Neither of which is good for the players, it’s not fun and it ends up being a money grab. The xp event will definitely encourage people grinding the invader bases, but it’s already been suggested to have a point modifier for hitting live bases. And the only live bases that give me max xp are 100+ levels above me anyway.


Xp farms are live bases.

Not disagreeing with the criticisms of feeding.


The only xp base that gives me max is Andy. So if invader is disabled then I’m just supposed to fly hauheset over and over again destroying the first 3 islands to get points? That’s even worse. This is supposed to be a minor event, not a pvp.


That’s exactly my point! A reward for live bases wouldn’t make players do anything more competitive or fun than hitting Invader would be,


But it wouldnt be a pvp, it would be a minor event to replace feeding…also a minor event. Idk why everyone wants to make this into a pvp event.


Very good idea, definitely. I just wonder now if Pg will see to it. They may not like a event without IF and energy that hence will further the players enjoyment.


I’m not trying to make a PvP event, I just don’t want to replace one flawed event with one that’s flawed in other ways.

Do you find logging in every twenty minutes to feed your perch a bit of a chore? Well so will be spending hour upon hour hitting Invader.

In its inception, the feeding event is meant encourage the fun parts of the core game - hitting other bases, defending your own, and helping out your teammates. Unlike fort, it doesn’t pan out that way, because of the event design’s inherent flaws, but I don’t think the xp event as described hits the mark either.


Ok, some more constructive suggestions:

  1. Taking a cue from medals:
    — Scale down the points earned from successive runs on the same base (including Invader). That way players can’t just rely on xp farms and have to start hitting actual bases. Reset this every day.
    — Scale up the points earned based on the number of defenders encountered.

  2. Reward points to defenders for shooting down dragons.
    — More points based on the dragon’s tier relative to the base’s level (based on what a player of that level theoretically could breed).
    — Chest contents must include defensive boosts.
    — Might have to award points anyway for dragons that swap out rather than dying.

With those modifications, I can start off using Invader and xp farms for the dragons I’m most keen to level, using their multipliers. For all the other runs, I’m balancing bases I can beat, defended, against the xp they would give me - or getting backup from my teammates. It also rewards good base design, since you can bet I’m going to be most keen to defend my teammates who have the best setups!


Not sure about this, since each invader is treated as different base :expressionless:


True, but the alternative that’s been suggested was disabling Invader entirely, which I think would be the wrong way to go.

I’m more worried about creative ways to misuse the ‘defending’ bonus for easy point farming.


points for shooting down dragons might make this into a really frustrating exercise where you trying to get xp but keep getting shot down or having to choose safe bases, and where defense points depend a lot on the strength of your teammate’s bases (ok, maybe that’s interesting) but also the number of defense boosts you have.

I don’t love the idea of a competition for defense boosts or an event that encourages us to blow a bunch of them trying to get points - while wars are going on in parallel, too. I guess that would be the monetization aspect, but yuck.


Choosing to hit a safe base or risk getting shot down is the experience of literally every other event, except breeding and (if you only perch-feed) feeding.

You still have a choice - earn xp safely from xp farms, but without earning points, or take those multipliers and gamble for points against live bases. Much like choosing whether to play it safe or go big (or get help!) with a super or wildfire.

And you’d still get points for defending in wars (just like you’d get points for the xp you got during an attack).

Like I said, they’d have to make sure there were lots of boosts in chests and packs - this wouldn’t be viable with their current availability.


Would they still have to hit big bases, or would this become a bigs farm the smalls for easy, mindless medals.

If this is tied to XP, this wouldn’t be fair to the bigger players who have to hit aignificantly harder bases for their max xp.