Minor Event: XP (Replace Feeding)


I love this idea, and I certainly hope PG gets their eyes on it and replaces feeding with it (without making it horrible). I’m not certain I quite understand concerns people have with having to log in and do xp runs…don’t most of us do those already? I would love a minor event where I can get points for doing what I already do, and the option to do more of it for more points if I so choose…

And really, I use the invader base for all of my xp runs, whether I’m finding a dragon to get xp on to feed or because I actually need xp on the dragon. And prior to Atlas…I hit the same xp bases over and over for max xp. So I can’t speak for other people, but I personally don’t see an event such as this being any more of a chore than anything else, and somewhat less since I would just be getting points for playing the game, and more points for playing it more. :star_struck:


Yeah, I probably confused things by mentioning medals - it was just the idea of scaling down the reward if you keep hitting the same base, and scaling up with defenders, which (I believe) is how medals work.

I had been expecting to tie it to xp, but take your point that it makes it really hard to get max xp for most dragons, even the ones you use every day. I liked having points that rewarded you for hitting harder bases relative to your own level - a frequent failing of the PvP scoring too - and the tie to xp delivered that. However, as a minor event, I get that you still want to be getting max xp as a normal outcome, not an exceptional one - so my suggestions don’t quite pan out. Removing the link to earning xp might fix that, but then it’s no longer an xp event, just something… different.

Ah well, I tried! :man_shrugging:


I think you might be onto a good idea for another event!


Thanks. Maybe at some point I’ll work it into a separate thread (and other people can be as negative as I’ve been :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).


I’ll explain my reasoning.

In most events, to do well a player can call on some or all of the following:

  • Money.
  • Time.
  • Preparation.
  • A high level and strong dragons.

So you can spend money on packs or megacoins; you can spend a lot of time hitting bases, or logging on regularly to feed perches; you can hoard chests and timers, starve dragons (!), and meticulously plan your base upgrades; or you can just hit much bigger bases than anyone else can, and hold (and spend) more resources. Some players just do one of those, some do a little of each.

Not all events let you use all four, but the xp event strips away most of those options. The log formula means your strong dragons and high level make little difference. There’s nothing to prepare - all you need is your dragons. There’s nothing to spend money on (although there would probably have to be something for this event to appeal to PG). So that just leaves time.

The amount of time players will devote is the only differentiator in the event. Now assume PG are trying to balance the prizing tiers - they’ll set them so that a certain percentage of the player base gets the top prizes, because otherwise it’s not a competition, it’s a giveaway. Those prizes are only available to players who spend a lot of time in the event. If doing your xp runs every day is something a significant portion of the player base is doing (me included), then it won’t be nearly enough. We’re not at the bottom of the ladder, but we’re not far up it. To do well, you’re going to have to grind Invader like it’s your job, because there will be other players doing that, and they’ll be defining where the top tier is.


Or people who have Apo/Kinnarus/Equestor/Altimorak (or the Hellspawn/Summon War ones) at relevant levels will just let the minion run it for them? :stuck_out_tongue:


It sounds like you’re saying that the only thing to differentiate people will be how much they actually play the game? I’m totally on board with that kind of minor event! :heart_eyes:

But in reality it probably wouldn’t shake out like that. PG will sell xp potions or give out extra points for using rubies to buy xp, and money would still be a nice, fast way to get a lot of points for those who don’t want to spend more time playing (or can’t).


I wondered if PG blocked PG as being the first two letters… :rofl:

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I can’t stand feeding. It only comes once a season, and now with the new cadence I am out leveling my dragons and only my divines can even solo my invader. If I wast starving my lineage dragons at breedable then I would have more dragons to fly and and would have more fun playing the game in general. Some new players don’t understand feeding is once a season and starve even their main dragons.


I’ve been playing this game since Jan 16 and what I remember is that the events around then were far better than anything that has come since!

My main problem is that ALL events now are money making machines, don’t get me wrong I understand as a business PG NEED to earn money, but…

It would be very refreshing if we had even just one event (per season at least) that was NOT money oriented and relied on skill and/or effort.

I do remember the free heals weekend a couple years ago :drooling_face: and all team activity went through the roof. That weekend I earned quite a few of the player avatars for gaining medals and wining battles! That weekend alone I earned over 1.5M medals (yes I know medals are broken but I still earned a lot).

To my mind, events like these not only need to happen but we need more of them. Whales get to spend on every other aspect of this game so the grinders, F2P, E2P and small spenders need a break once in awhile too!

As the saying goes, ‘you can please some of the people, all of the time…’


This post makes me smile :hugs:


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