Minor events combined!

I know I’m not the only one that that can finish fortification event in just a couple days. Or spend all them egg tokens in just a few hours. I believe we need a couple of new PVE events combined with these two events. Like breeding and feeding together. Or a fortification combined with a lumber hunt! Or a hidden treasure hunt!
Or even two new new event combos together. What say you Dragon lords?Ideals? Thoughts?

Remove the word “feeding” from any event suggestion you have.

Personally, I like that those events end early so I can do Atlas things.


I stay atlas active anyways. Just seems like there should be something to keep you motivated for the other 3 days 19 hours of the event. Lol. I miss the feeding event. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

assault :pleading_face:


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That’s alot of people that deserve the Fbomb

Try searching next time. This has been recommended more times than rainbow evolution stones, yet PG still hasn’t done anything…

Hell. No.

We already have combined events, it was called Assault and it was fun. They need to being it back


If you combine breeding and feeding, you will have a recipe for disaster. Have you tried to breed multiple dragons in one breeding and tried to get them to breedable so you can breed more. Combine 2 event together you will not be able to lv up your dragons at all during event and especially people without bank to hold food for them


this has already existed in the past. basically a new event ever day or so. was great, cuz breeding only lasted a day and the pvps longer. so thered be fort, pvp, breed, pvp etc. but it has been a loooonngg time since those type of events have been used

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Haha that event was fun… but it messed with all following events

I agree a 100%

Lol. :hugs:

I disagree. I have had to level dragons during breeding to be able to breed more. In order
To do that you have to feed them.

This is true. Just something to break the cycle. I mean I work to gain more egg tokens. A sub event to help increase the odds I think is a good ideal

I think it was Dragon Olympics and I only remember it vaguely because I think that event is more than three years old…

I am on the side of not combining any event with feeding which is a RETIRED event (please let it RIP). We have Dungeons and Assault, albeit rarely. Hopefully we will see them coming back.

Also please remember that not everyone is done after the first Dragon bred. Certain players breed and hatch two, three or more Dragons and get them breedable within the duration of the event. People who don’t claim the egg token boost benefit from the double token bonus to farm more and grind those egg fragments.
It’s similar for Fortifications.

Sure there are more eventful events, but there’s always something to do in-between breeding or building sessions, be it grinding egg tokens or hunting for resources to feed or build.


Was just using feeding as a example. I didn’t mind the event. Just anything as a filler in the four days of fort and breeding as you work on gaining more egg tokens or timers for fort.
A time killer that will motivate and help gain timers or tokens.

Hum… You disagree yet you basically agree with the person you replied to?
I have participated in many Feeding events. I have seen countless Breeding events. Both created a terrible scarcity in food. Combine the two and the drought would be exponential.

That’s what Killmegently meant. Not impossible to feed Dragons, but likely ragequittingly frustrating.

(Not even mentioning that Feeding taught bad leveling habits yadda yadda but you all probably already heard this spiel :sweat_smile:)


How do you get the food to lv up your dragon then. Literally, you can just feed your perch when you have food then boom the attacker get nothing.

You make a good point.