Minor Graphics Glitch


@PGJared @pgEcho
There’s a small visual glitch on the Fire Flak Cannon.
I use a Sony XZ Premium (G1841) running Android Oreo (8.0.0)

Apologies if I’ve tagged the wrong team members.
#bug #android


By now they’re probably very well aware of this issue.


We had that before, a reinstall fixed it. Might be worth a shot


Having same issue… apple device…reinstall doesn’t fix… not a huge issue…I’m sure PG will fix.


That’s not a “small” glitch.
Its an easy fix, but definately immersion breaking.
It appears to be a setting of that images alpha channel, or possibly an opacity setting in the diffuse or ambient channel. Its a software issue on the devs side. Anyway, that would be the first place to look for a fix, but as an end user you can do nothing.


Yeah i’ve been seeing this one recently too.

We’ve been having a lot of memory crash problems, especially on android… i think we recompressed a bunch of textures to fight the problem and it caused stuff like this.


Androids are more claustrophobic than fruit, which are used to being crammed into boxes and cuddled by spiders :smiley:


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