Minor Update 667/668

Minor Update 667(iOS)/668(Android). This update will require a game restart.

Minor Update 667 will restore the previous relationship between defensive tower levels and player levels that existed prior to tier-based discounting, based on Storage Hut requirements. The intention of Tier-Based Discounting is to make certain tower levels achievable faster and requiring less resources, but it was not designed to make any particular tower level accessible to players at a lower player level than before.

To remedy this, we are copying over the player level restrictions from the storage hut directly to the towers themselves. The end result will be that all tower levels are unlocked at the same player levels as prior to the release of Tier-Based discounting.


Can’t access event screen without freezing on a black screen now

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:sob::sob::sob: I wanted my level 49 flak :sob::sob::sob:

@mechengg I’ll never forgive you!!! :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


You broke my event screen. I can get into that after reloading the game four times. Quests not loading. Just going round in circles saying “Loading”

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It’s fixed for me now, try again

Looks like it is working again. Hopefully they don’t break something else. This game has been so messed up the past couple weeks… well enough said

Ugh, PG should have just left lumber and food costs alone. No one asked for those to be scaled to begin with.


Did anyone unlock towers passed the acceptable cap yet? What happens to their bases?

Agreed :grimacing: :t_rex:

Thanks for informing us of the content update. I like being aware of what’s been changed. :+1:


They’ll get to keep it most likely, just like when they bumped up incubator/castle reqs mid-event that one breeding event a while back.


Ugh…Oh well, doubt there were very many players who did that outside of Fort anyway. Their short-term advantage is better than leaving the game balance broken.

Still wish the lumber costs were left alone for event score reasons.


Can we get an update that will fix the absolutely broken egg token bonus please :man_shrugging:t2:


That means the ember, shards, and pearls would be the same too. No, it is better this way than before.

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So just to dumb it down for me, you’re saying there is no longer a discount on any towers, right? Only discount staying is egg tokens?

To be clear, both timers and resources are still discounted for the appropriate tower levels. This update simply maintains the corresponding player level requirement from before the discounts, due to the relationship with storage hut size.


The update going through seems to have broken my (previously intact) season egg token boost :sob:

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Is it difficult to separate lumber and food from the rest of the resource discounts in the game files?

If that’s the reason for reducing food and lumber costs…ok.

Oh! Ok well it’s not as bad as I thought then. I’m totally ok with that. I thought the discount was being removed. :scream:

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