Minor Update Coming Today - Chelonoth’s Rarity on Perches

Greetings Dragonfolk!

Last week, Chelonoth and Ano were revealed and released as a part of the Summerkai Season. When Chelonoth released in-game, the Dragon was unintentionally listed as Mythic in rarity whenever it was assigned to a perch on a base. This led to Dragon perch bonuses being slightly higher than intended due to the unintentional rarity value. Chelonoth is listed as its intentional Legendary rarity everywhere else in-game, and its health and damage do not reflect that of a Mythic Dragon, so this specific issue only affects the Chelonoths of the world that have made their way to a perch.

We have released a fix to update Chelonoth’s perch rarity to the intended Legendary status that is now live today, with the same updates that will allow towers to be built through level 85. This update will be available automatically in-game, so there is no download from the Apple Store or Google Play Store that’s required to receive it.

Thank you for your patience as we correct Chelonoth’s rarity on perches. Remember to save those tower level upgrades until later today when Fortification begins so you can max out on those event points!

Good luck this week, Dragon Lords!