Minutes for timers exchange?

Before fort I realised I had a lot of 15 minutes, 1 minutes, and 3 minutes timers. After around level 30, the minute timers are useless. Towers by now take +24 hours and having a lot of minutes timers and no hour timers is a pain.
So instead of having 805 15minute timers I thought that having a timer trade in would be easier for higher level players? For example, four 15 minute timers can be traded in for a 1 hour timer.

That would just make timers straight up worse, with losing out due to rounding. No thanks.


Why is this a concern? Use Auto-select.


There’s your solution.

Those timers also very easily add up to significant totals :woman_shrugging:t2: But everyone already made good points about this


What makes 4 15mins worse than a a 1h ? They finish the same amount of time? As morreion said it’s still worse due to rounding. Say for example you do a 21 day upgrade and only have 2 day timers you’re losing out on a whole day of timers, sure this is a very extreme circumstance but even in small amounts it adds up fast.



4 15 min timer = 1 1 hr timer.

like you said, time-wise there’s no difference.

you either get the same amount of timers or you lose them out due to rounding.

so why would you ever want to add a meaningless and pointless feature to the game that’s already with too many spaghettis?


I would rather have all my timers converted to 1 mins.
Its the best approach!


True actually. It would not take long to remember a tower takes about 50k minutes to level and it would actually make it easier to check your supply.


It wouldn’t actually be a bad idea to add something that says how much time you have in clocks overall so people can get an idea of what they are working with without pulling out a calculator


Lol I’ve got my graphing calculator ready to figure out how many days I’ve got from endless 3, 15, and 30 minutes timers