Mirroring option for LEFT handed players

I am extremely left handed lol and wondering if you could create a option to flip the screen so rage etc and team chat can be on the other side playing one handed is a disadvantage I’ve died more than once trying to get to my heal and I don’t see messages when in flight please helppppppp
Thanks OmAHFeatheR


You should add your voice here: War Dragons 2019 Quality of Life discussion

Im left-handed too. At this point Im so used to flying the way it is that if it changed it would confuse the hell out of me


Did you try the Arabic setting?

Not ideal but might be tolerable (except for the languages part unless you’re fluent) to fly at least?

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Left handed too but Being playing with my right hand so I’m pretty used to it. But certainly something that can benefit others players.

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I may have a crazy flying style or something, but I tend to use both hands :man_shrugging:


I only use one if I’m running Rajin through invader :rofl: But yes, I use both hands on real runs.

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Yes but my primary is my left so therefore I can only fly with one Lol if they flip the screen I could fly with two as well.

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Yes the Arabic setting works AWESOME but very confusing first time LOL and I don’t understand the language but it works so why can’t they do something like that in English

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They can, I would think. Even if they “hacked” it in by making it a “language” selection.

Maybe British English (since they drive on the left…) Or Aussie English since, well, you know - They’re upside down (Grump)


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It’s on the roadmap for this year. That’s what Hwrd’s link is about. It’s still possible they won’t do it, but there’s intent to look into it and the hope that it will be easy. Development takes time and they’re juggling many competing priorities, so… now we wait.

I am left handed but I guess since all my life I have had to live in a right handed world I wouldn’t know what to do with left handed settings lol…


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