Misc Question Thread

This thread’s purpose is for anyone to ask questions that they would like answered, but can’t find a thread open to fit their question and dosen’t want to open a new thread.

If you want to do some misc stuff to earn forums badges, knock yourself out.

Anyway, I have 2 questions.

  1. What is the branch cost for a non-discounted SunScorch legendary dragon? Solved

  2. Is it possible to upload a video form your device to the forums without a YouTube channel? Solved

2.press the upload button (like an arrow next to a monitor logo located in bottom right )when writing the post and choose from device

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It then says:

Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf).

It’s a mp4.

35.5k sigils.

Then sadly you can’t. Have to paste a link. Hopefully someone else knows a way.

Okay I got a misc question. Will assault be released again during breeding?

Festive is 1k less👍

Yes Yes tracker says yes

And do u happen to know what will be the changes in kw? Hopefully good changes

No, yes hopefully

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Oh thanks

He asked for the legendary, not the festive.

I thought the festive is Legendary too

Festive Dragons are legendary :+1:


But they have a different cost. I replied to what he asked, it was not specified Lol

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if audio isn’t required it’s not difficult to make it into a gif. then you can upload it here

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I got it as a gif. It was tricky, but I’ve got it.

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Hey y’all… I’ve a weird problem…in game I’m 56…wdneon says I can up my flak to level 23 which would cost me 219k wood but my storage is capped at lvl 18 218k max…it requires builder lvl 14 or 15 which unlocks at lvl 58 to upgrade storage to lvl19(bottleneck in food production)…can anyone plz help me find out what have I done wrong?
PS my farms and mills are all maxed as per builder

Use a food production boost

Thanks man… It worked… Upgraded 2 levels already :sweat_smile: