Mislabled research

Green tier, 3rd column between Ammo Reserves and Organic Dragon Meat, the research name “Economic Improvements” has the correct icon, but the name should be “Construction Efficiency”.

You don’t think building faster results in economic improvements?

No, it is about consistency. The description for Economic Improvements in other tiers are all the same: https://wardragons.gamepedia.com/Economic_Improvements. The same goes with Constuction Efficiency: https://wardragons.gamepedia.com/Construction_Efficiency. It makes sense to keep things consistent and rename the one-off to match the others.

You are missing the platinum tier one in the “construction efficiency” page if you are the one update the wiki pages

What!? There’s research beyond green!?

Yes, that one is named Diamond Tools with a slightly different description. I plan on linking them all in the articles in the future. Thank you for checking!

Well if you are suggesting to keep them all the same then perhaps it should include all the tiers that have the same buffs applied? If we want consistency let’s carry it through all the tiers :slight_smile:

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Quite a bit :slight_smile:

I’m looking to finish the rest of the usable ones off next breeding by topping up my points.

Nice! I’ll get there one day.

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