Misleading Mega Coin Cost

So, aside from building stats scam, I think there has been an issue of PG robbing unsuspecting players of energy packs… Wonder how long this has been going on? So, if I want to do a mega attack, without the 100 energy and having used no packs for the day, buying the coin costs 14 energy packs, but I can easily hit back, buy 100 energy manually for 10 energy packs, and it just gets worse the more you use. Why wouldn’t it just cost the same amount 100 energy costs to refill? What gives???

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That’s not as bad as the store.
For $99 USD I can get 12k rubies…

Or for $99 USD I can get 34.2k rubies and some other goodies.

My advice is to check around. The higher price is for 112 energy buying energy packs singularly instead of using the 100 that has a 20% discount.

Might be higher energy packs for the mega coin because its supposed to cost 100 energy and 25 inner fires. You only have 20… just my guess.

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Megas are 100 energy and 20 IF. It says that on the first pic posted.

The difference is in the first one it buys energy as if you just clicked but energy 16 at a time instead of using the 100 energy option even though it needs 100 energy.

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The 20% discount is not applied when buying the mega directly so always make sure to buy the 100 energy first.


I stand corrected thanks.

This. Same for the Ruby packs.

Since they took over :woman_shrugging:t2:


It’s because rubes will buy anything and just because a whale has money doesn’t necessarily mean they know how to read! My former stepdad used to sell a certain product for 9 USD a unit or 30 USD for 3…you wouldn’t believe how long that went on and to my knowledge no one ever caught on. The power of flea market mentality, I tell ya!


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