Misleading points & ranks

I’m not sure but in the event my screen shows a 6 in a red circle but when I go to events & ranks only 1 prize is there. I opened each tab to make sure I didn’t miss something. But nothing. I still have and 8 in the red circle now. Why?

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This happens to me every event. it claims i have an unclaimed prize when i dont. I think this happens when you try to claim multiple prizes quickly.


This happens to me all the time, even without having claimed anything yet.

It’s like it was connected to a different point rank but when you open your prize list you’re still too far away from claiming the next prizes.

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Every event, never sorted.

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It’s rather annoying! I think prizes and ranks should be separated, one is just information.

It’s been here for months

I get excited every time I see that little notification, and then my dreams are crushed under the foot of glitches. You’d think I’d’ve learned by now… I have not.


ME too…just thought I’d say something this time

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I have opened each rank, prize, contributions looking for the stuff!

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Been the same thing since I started playing over 9 months ago.

You gotta click between the prizes to find the hidden one’s PG doesn’t want you to claim /S

I made a ticket for this issue a couple of months ago and was told that they know about the issue and will address it at some time in the future, but since we could see what prizes were actuall there when we went to the appropriate screen it was not a prioirty. (I’m paraphrasing here)

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As someone who is OCD about keeping those little alerts clear, it really bugs me that I can’t clear that alert sometimes.


It seems to be corrected. So far during this event my alerts and prizes match!!! It bugged me too!!!

It’s nearly always +1 for me. If it says 1, then there’s nothing to claim. 2+, then I have something.

It’s been that way for a couple months.


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