Missed treasury daily bonus? 🤷‍♀️

What is this? I don’t understand. Is this for bounty harbor? :thinking:

No, they messed up the daily egg token claim yesterday. Those are the tokens you should have been able to claim, but were unable to.

Edit: See this tread

What about the bonus we missed from Atlas?

Dunno about that. I don’t have atlas anyway so it didn’t affect me personally, but others are still apparently missing Atlas payouts.

Was able to claim Atlas payout today, not yesterday. Anyway hope a refund is on the way for that as well

Thanks, I didn’t even notice it wasn’t there. :joy:

They haven’t done anything about the Atlas payout.

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Yes received the missing egg token bonus from league. However still 2 more days have submited a ticket but the missing atlas tokens still havent been credited. Is PG ignoring atlas egg token payout?

you sure they are ignoring you? Support can’t just credit without any go signal from PG or their manager (PGJared for example) you know. Possible that their process changed today so you should send a new ticket (don’t update your old one)

Ok thanks Kenshiki, will make a new ticket and see what happens, will keep everyone updated here.

See here

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