Missing 3x buff?

So I saw the event announcements posted everywhere that said there would be a 3x lumber boost again this week. But it seems to be missing? Were the announcements incorrect?

Have you actually looked at your mills or did you just decide you’ll jump on forums and post making assumptions?

(p.s rhetorical question…)


No hun… It’s there but the focus was on kathool’s release so there wasnt the regular 3x poster you see as you enter the game… but if you check the mills you’ll see the base product x3 (compare it to the farms)

Wow. Maybe remove that stick before replying.

Yes, I looked at my farms and they were the same when I made the post.

If it is working (which I have seen a number of people wondering) then so be it.

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Screenshot of the production rate of your farms and mills please?

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