Missing Apology Gift

I understand the event was cancelled but most people including myself did not receive a gift. Will they be sending gifts out to those who didn’t get one?


Send in a ticket if you haven’t received yours


My alt hasn’t gotten it yet either. They’re probably just inundated with requests right now. I opened a ticket about something else last night and haven’t received a response yet.


My main and alt and several of my guildmates haven’t gotten it either. Let’s give them some time to sort our tickets out.

Galileo said they were being sent out in waves. If you still haven’t gotten it within the rest of today, it would be best to send a ticket like everyone else has said :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, I haven’t gotten it yet so I already sent in a ticket. Now it’s just a waiting game to see when we get the gifts

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My daughter and wife did not get theirs either. It sucks. They saw mine and are a little anmoyed.

I haven’t received the apology gift either. Have 3 tickets in with pg and no response. Not sure what’s going on. Ive rebooted the game as well as force closed. Not sure what to do next​:man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

I’m sure they’re inundated with tickets so please be patient with them.

Just a friendly reminder, if you keep submitting additional tickets, you are only pushing your ticket back in line so that it’s at the end of the ticket queue. Please be patient and wait for a response. If you are still missing your apology gift by this time next week, it’d probably safe to say that’s about when you should send a private message to PGGalileo (with the ticket number) and ask him to look into it for you.


i haven’t received mine. thank you

I received the apology gift, but I was unable to get onto the seasons area to use the sigils and could not check to see if the 5000 sigils was there? Could the seasons part be accessible more often?

For those who don’t know how to send in a ticket, here’s how to do that.

How to file a ticket in game with support

Following steps

on Android

on iOS


Filing a ticket with support using a web browser

You can also contact support from your browser using the following URL:


You will also need to obtain a password in order to be able to log into the site. You can do that by clicking on the “Sign In” link and then select the “Get a password” option.

Please have your Support ID (in game settings > About tab > right at the top) at hand.

You can also access this information if you go to your phone settings, scroll down to the WD app > support ID.

If you’re unable to find your support ID, just use 0000 instead.

Last Resort

If you have tried the above two methods and you still haven’t been successful in submitting a ticket, you can email support here: support@wardragons.zendesk.com

Have a great day!


You can check if you have received your Sigils in your Inventory
Go to the Store > Inventory and you should be able to see how many you have there

Can’t send in a ticket because it is disabled. I not only did not get the apology gift but I cannot do squat in atlas.

If you need to send in a ticket via your browser: Submit a request – War Dragons


For all who are trying to send a ticket, don’t expect a response. Here is their automated message:

"Thanks for contacting us today. Please note, this is an automated response.

On Friday, our team sent out an apology gift to all players who experienced the issues during our Kingdom Wars Event. We’re aware that some players did not receive this gift and we plan on sending them the missing apology gift at the start of next week.

Please note that if you weren’t affected by this issue or if you did not participate in the event, you will not be receiving the apology gift. We hope this helps clear things up. If there’s anything else we can help you with or this response doesn’t address your concern, please open a new ticket and our team will help you."


In the announcement about compensation for the event it was said that it would be for EVERYONE. Now some of my teammates that are missing the gift and submitted a ticket about it being missing as they were asked to do only to get an auto reply that if they hadn’t participated by the time the event was taken down they would not be getting the gift?! How is that at all fair to those that don’t have time till the weekend to get their points in? They have to miss out on a event rewards and compensation for the event being broken?

I could have been wrong in reading the announcement about compensation but nowhere did I see that stipulation. Can we please get some clarification on what is going on with that? I know its the weekend and we probably won’t be able to get answers till Monday, just thought I would ask.


What joke! A few k of sigils doesn’t compensate players or teams for the huge amount of resources & in some cases money that has been put into the event. What about the rubies etc that are used to pay for mega attacks, resources lost from cashing in gold chest etc.
Teams have lost the points that would put them higher up in the game.
All gone because PG cannot release one game update without it failing!
All players & teams need to hammer PG for better compensation than the pittance being given. It’s a pitiful amount when you think of how much money they make from those that spend real $ in each event.
Please everyone put your complaint in writing & make them listen


I’ve sent multiple tickets and keep receiving the automated response. When PG shut down the event, I had over 30k points, which I assume would qualify me for the apology gift.