Missing Apology Gift

Chest gift was the ‘apology gift’ from THURSDAY for those who participated in the event. You should have gotten it the day of the event. It consisted something of 10 gold chests, and 5 draconic.

The “chest gift” had 10 gold chests, 3 draconics, 20 inners and 20 energy packs. It was given to apologize for the frustration with lag at the beginning of the event.

Im very glad they clarified that for everyone.


This whole situation is a cluster.

PG Stopped the event, so whether people had played or not, they lost the ability to play. This simplistic position assumes everyone lives in the same timezone and we all have the time to play the events at the same time. We don’t.

When the 15 minute call out went out I was actually enrolling my child into her yearly dance classes, having shoe and uniform fittings and was not able to get onto the game and expend my energy.

Additionally, events start on Thursday morning (9am) for me, so I tend to gather up my energy and hit the game hard on Sunday, but the event ended before I had the time to grind into the game. There are many others (at least 4 in my team that I know of) that play exactly the same way, and had ‘purchased’ energy but not used much of it yet. These people always perform well in events, so they would have given their previous event results and they need to be compensated.

And … those who play that way not only lost the prizes others were able to gain, so are disadvantaged by the flat compensation rate, they lost lots of energy (600 or more) on top of that. So that should be compensated for the loss of energy.

PG can tell who is plays in events and who does not, and they can tell who got stung with heaps of energy spent but not expended, so to arbitrarily deny people compensation because they don’t live in the US and they don’t have to drop everything to play the game at set times is not only unfair, it’s indicative of why people are so often frustrated in this game.

All I can suggest is that PG make sure that those who usually play in the events ARE COMPENSATED … perhaps by checking out whether they had purchased energy or not and whether they had done the Thursday personal quests, as that is an indication that they were going to play or not.


Ah thanks … yep … pretty sure i’ve seen that one … 3 draconic sounds right…




They’re compensating everyone with the 5k sigils, 12k egg tokens, 50 energy packs and 50 inner fires.

The only gift they’re being picky with was the first one which was to apologize for frustration with lag… which makes sense because players that didn’t participate in that time weren’t frustrated by the lag.

The above link mentions the gifts will continue to be distributed tomorrow.


Ah thanks for clearing that up. Turns out I had the compensation packs mixed up in my head.


hey I just logged into my least played acct and an apology gift awaits…not sure which one it is (gift/sigil) I believe gifting will resume on Monday in waves. There’s 2 gifts. A gift for everyone (sigils, egg tokens, IF, and EPax) and a gift (chests, IF, and EPax) for those who were actually competing in the event.


hehe yea fingers-crossed. I’ll re-send the ticket at the end of Monday (PG’s timezone).

a lot of the same questions were answered throughout the forums, you just have to get reading in the right direction. In any case gifting I believe will resume Monday in waves. There’s 2 gifts. A gift for everyone (sigils egg tokens, IF, and EPax) and a gift (chests, IF, and EPax) for those who were actually competing in the event.

Honestly I think players should all request that… all tickets require players to also agree to close ticket stating issue is resolved vs system. This will help issue with players make duplicates plus help to hold pg/support accountable to higher ups (maybe…probably not). Because I’m sure someone or many get a bonus on turn time.

Yes I know there will be players not agreeing to close tickets or going (mia) which will require a real person or manager reaching out working to resolve issue. Any tickets forced closed by support will require it be done by the top level leadership. Honestly don’t think this is to much to ask for and who knows it might help make things better for support, players and developers!

Yeah POWER abuse

I have not received both chest and sigil gifts.
I have participated in the event and used up innerfire and energy chests and also experienced the glitches like many players.
Now you are saying I not entitled to any gift.

Calm it down a bit with the spamming. Everyone can see your messages

I have an active Alt that did not participate in the event yet and at least 1 gift awaits

Gifting has resumed as 1 of my inactive accts has gotten a gift. There’s 2 gifts. A gift for everyone (5K sigils, 12K egg tokens, 20 or 50 IF, and EPax) and a gift (10 or 20 gold chests, 3 Draconic chests, 20 or 50 IF, and EPax) for those who were actively competing. My Sturdy acct has both, 1 acct still has none but all are active. Can’t remember how many or how much because I claimed them right away.

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For everyone that comes to the thread, please read earlier posts as your question was probably answered.

Gal specifically stated that there were 2 gifts and the support message was confusing. It’s already been posted several times in this thread alone, but here it goes again.

The first gift (chest gift) was for lag at the very beginning. If you didn’t attack within the first hours of the event and therefore weren’t affected by lag you don’t get that gift.

The second gift (sigil gift) is going to everyone as compensation due to no event this weekend. Photo’s of the two were generously provided by @ZeroDucksGvn

If you haven’t received them yet, be patient until Monday when they will continue delivering the gifts. Gal explained that this is due to the large scale that this is being done on and they want to be able to monitor it a bit better.


Just received my sigil gift. (Ty).
Now waiting for chest gift.


im excited that you got your gift!

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If you didn’t participate in event within the first x number of hours you won’t get that