Missing breeding points Ticket #2400974

I logged into the game about 4 hours from the time of this topic (so about 6 hours after the breeding event have started) and bred both carrion and montague (verdant legendaries) within the same hour. I also made sure to enter the event tab twice to get the quest tab refreshed.

Here is a breakdown of what I’ve spent (I had also double-checked the exact number of breeds and fragments needed before the event started) in the following order:

  1. 70040 tokens (4120 breeds) + 416 mystic fragments to breed carrion = 236440 points
  2. 153000 tokens (9000 breeds) + 600 mys. frag. to complete montague = 393000 points

so, the total points I should get is 629440, but I see that I only got 393000 – I suspect some lag happened when I bred carrion.

I have submitted a ticket via the WD zendesk website (#2400974) and the app (#2400960) about 2 hours ago, but I am also posting here just in case I do not get a reply from support by Monday (CST timezone). Do I tag PGJared and PGGalileo now or should I wait?

I suggest you wait first for the In-game Support’s response, & while doing so it’s best to keep monitoring your in-game account for any progress on the lag / issues you encountered.

If nothing progresses after the in-game Support’s response (within the next 6-12 hrs), you may escalate your ticket via direct PM to our Community Managers, PGGalileo & PGTimber.

Kindly refrain from tagging &/or messaging PGJared as he’s currently on temporary leaves until September 12. You won’t get a response, most likely.

Lastly, be patient. :green_heart:


On the same verge my friend. Sent a ticket #2400944
Still waiting for a response. The thing is u got some point. But mine is showing 0. Hope they will listen.

oh dear! I remember my page also entered an empty “team dungeons” black screen a couple of times … not sure if that’s related to this points issue …

Anything is possible at this point.
Also, try following @Birdy 's suggestion above.


I didn’t notice that. The things happened with me was, I completed my quest and came out of event page. Then went to breeding and after I finished couple, the event page was gone. After few restart, it came back. When I get into event to claim prizes, it wasn’t counted. I am afraid of progressing right now. Thats why stopped performing in event and waiting patiently for supports response. Now, its almost 10hours since I submit a ticket. No response so far. Did u get any response?

No response yet. I’ll wait a bit longer …

Me too. I hope somehoe this will be solved. If u get any response, let me know. :pensive:

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They have replied and will refund everything that was used for my first dragon (carrion) that did not give points!

Here is a copy of the email (I hope I’m allowed to post it here):

Hello Azwield,

Thank you for reaching out to us. This is Ken of the War Dragons Support, let me help you out. Looking into your gameplay logs for your event progression, I can confirm that your first two breeding attempts seems to not have been merited of points for the event as well and I’m really sorry for the confusion this has brought as well. The affected Dragon Egg was actually for Carrion which you first hatched on 8:19:20 PM PT , Dragon Lord. Montague was bred at a later time on the same day ( 8:24:13 PM PT ) but nevertheless, the points for breeding Montague’s Egg was actually the first points you earned for the event, skipping the points that should be from Carrion .

We will be reverting resources used and earned for breeding Carrion’s Egg instead so that you can reuse the resources to earn points for the event again but this will mean that you will have to redo the breeding and hatching again as well. For summary, let me list down the changes that will happen for our procedure below:

[ We will remove: ]

  • Stock Eldritch Egg: 2
  • Carrion

[ We will credit: ]

  • Egg Token : 70,040
  • Mystic Fragment: 416
  • (1-Minute) Speed Up : 3
  • (3-Minute) Speed Up: 1
  • (1-Hour) Speed Up : 2
  • (3-Hour) Speed Up: 2
  • (12-Hour) Speed Up : 55

I will be needing your confirmation first to proceed so with this information at hand, please do let me know if you wish to continue as well. I will be here waiting for your reply and thanks in advance!


They replied me too. Thy said exactly the same like u. :hugs::hugs::hugs: Yet to get back my rss.


Thank you for being patient about it, @Azwield & @SkidushxINDx! I’m glad to know your in-game issues both have got resolved. :green_heart:


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