Missing chests from the event

Talk about the latest weekly events and Seasons in War Dragons!I’m running Android. After every ru, I get the summary screen which shows points earn, chests and other info which is good but the number of chests the summary page does not show up in my Armory but is added to the number on the Prizes and Ranks tab.

Any particular reason they aren’t available to open in the Armory? I currently have 46 indicated on my Prizes and Ranks tab.

Reopen the event window?

Nope. I’ve exited the event and went back as well restarted the app and they’re still stuck on my Prizes and ranks tab.

This happens to me every event

Up to 60 Chests now stuck in the que as indicated by the number on my Prizes snd Rank tab.

Wow! This is definitely annoying. On a side note, I wonder how many bugs this game has that were happy accidents? We know this has probably and most likely happened, right?

Not sure what you mean, can you provide Screenshot?

It doesn’t matter. I opened a ticket and PG said it was a’Visual Glith’ which is BS. I see Gold and Siver chests drop as well as numerous Bronze chests drop during my runs as well as random prizes on the summary page but none of them show up in my Armory.

Why would the Silver chests I received go to the que associated with the Runic chests being in the event if the runic chests are not in the game at the moment so they should go straight to the Armory.

Oh well, once again PG dropped the ball for Android users. At the moment, I’m sitting on 81 chests in que, ready to be opened but I can’t as they are stuck on the Points and Ranks tab.
I do have to make a note that when after a run the Summary page indicates that I’ve received a Bronze chest but it is reflected in the Prizes and Ranks tab. After I close the event and reopen it, it then shows up in my Armory, but not the Gold nor the Silver and that doesn’t always work for the Broze chests.

War Dragons + Android don’t mix well together. Atleast that’s what everybody says

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