Missing chests on prize reset

I claim some points on my achievements up to the 350 sigil prize I went to the season tab collected Barbin prizes up to prize 61 I open some bronze chest to get some more sigils to get a few more prizes and I made it to prize 63 I checked to see how many rubies I had went back into the event tab and half of the prizes I claimed had reset all of my Barbin prizes reset pretty much everything reset except for my chest that I open because it still says I only have one and I can’t put in a ticket Also I can’t see what I’m typing so I have to do everything on voice to text I am on iOS just figured how to edit

I hard closed the game reopen and sent the ticket…after the reset everything reset except for my chest and everything I got from the chest disappeared…I was stuck at Barbend prize 61 so I opened some chest and got to 64…after I re claim everything I only have enough sigils to get to 61 again…I go to the armory to re open the chests but they didn’t reset and everything I got from the chest just vanished…I should at least have enough sigils to get back to 64 but I don’t 🫡

Everything reset except for the chest and the contents of the chest disappeared we are back-and-forth with Tickets now thank you

Ah, ok.
My response earlier was for the ticket (as I saw blank ticket page image), in which stand alone web browser helps more than the in game one.

As for the opened chests, they should have records on how many chests you opened.
Still, if they refund the chests, the contents won’t be guaranteed the same as previously.

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