Missing Daily Quests

Has anyone else found that they do their daily PVP quests and then find the next day it hasn’t counted (ie, it’s disappeared)?

I’ve been caught out a few times, logged service calls and been told that it was me missing them … but yesterday I KNOW I did the required quests and today i’m showing as missing a quest. Now I feel fairly certain there is something hinkey going on …

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I have found that it can take a good minute to register on the server and if you do the quest and log immediately out of the game that credit is not always given.

Its like your device sends a courier snail to the server.

Once I complete a quest I raid an atlas beast or do an egg quest then log out. On my next login I check that its complete and in the past year this has worked for me I have never seen it missing on my 2nd login.

I had similar issue to you last year.

Sometimes it does some whacky stuff too like it shows incomplete even though its complete. Killing the quest page and re loading the page seems to fix that display issue / bug.


NEed to do a clean up reason it happens sometimes is a build up of crap from game

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