Missing daily xp multiplayers

Hey so my girlfriend recently started playing the game about a month ago. I know xp multiplayers don’t kick in right away. But she is now level 37 and working thru blue tier dragons and still is NOT receiving daily xp multiplayers. We have uninstalled and reinstalled the game several times jumped thru all the generic hoops pg tech support sends out. Like change the language open and close the game again. This is getting to be an issue because she is unable to train dragons like everyone else her level. Is their anything that can be done to correct this?
Please @ anyone who may be able to help on this if your reading. Thanks MrDIRTY For… MrsDIRTY

Have you tried contacting support.
And just for info the daily xp multies reset at a certain hour (can’t tell you exactly when bcz of the time zones) but try first waiting for the next day and see if it dosen’t reset.

They have.
@MrDIRTY Since you’ve sent a support ticket in already, I suggest asking it to be escalated so a higher-up agent can take a look at it. :t_rex:

Have you tried:

  • Submit a ticket
  • Send a pm to @PGJared or @Arelyna and send them your ticket number
  • Ask to escalate the ticket?

Or include the ticket number here, in the OP

Please have your friend contact support via the in-game contact method.

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