Missing extra verdant eggs

I was trying to upgrade my builder hut to level 56 and it needs 4 verdant eggs.It says i have only 1 extra verdant egg. I bred Lupin which using Rozaeus and Montague and it gives 15 extra Cephoth eggs as side. I don’t understand. Is there another way that i could spend these eggs except levelling builder hut ? I submit a ticket already about that and still no reply. Thanks in advance for your answers :pray:t2:

You didn’t use mystic fragments?

edit: it seems verdant eggs aren’t visible in the inventory either so no idea if mine are there or not until I get to update the builder hut

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With the new update, there seems to had been a lot of tokens, fragments, etc. missing. I think PG released a newer update which fixed the multiple problems. But anyone is free to fact check me.

Ohh you are right. I totally forgot that. It might be i did like that. Thank you :pray:t2:

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