Missing glory in atlas

Missing glory chests from atlas anyone else having this issue of chests not showing up?

Only time they didn’t show up for me is if I earned less than 1,250 glory to get the 6 chests

Nope I and at least three teammates have the same issue, since 20 minutes or so chests have stopped appearing. Also dead primarchs with 0 troops can still fly around for 5-10 minutes before declared dead. Something is wobbling on the server side.


Losing troops to they are not going into revive cue

@Crisis @Arelyna helpp

Maybe again the server didn’t noticed the event runs one more week?

No idea troops aren’t going into revive either

People aren’t getting shards or gold either @Arelyna atlas broken

A team mate just told me that so I did a run and got gold. Maybe an OS thing? I am Droid

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Did you log out and go back?

I’ve done all the hard resets etc, it’s really stuff hanging at the server. I’ve had 12 chests appear a few minutes ago, which seem to correspond to a run about an hour ago.

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Yes I had the same issue, went to NML, gained 5k in glory, but no chests, and my primarch had 0 troops. I did a force stop and cleared the queue, and finally got the primarch to be free, and got my chests 30 min later

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