Missing Items not credited by support

Anyone else experience missing items in last two weeks? One teamate lost 300 IF from their account during first day of fight pits and support never credited them back so they quit the game. Now another teamate has lost gold chests from her account and again, support refuses to credit her them back. Are we all just one bad customer support experience from quiting? And why is it so hard to get items back due to bugs, when they give away items all week long in the streams. I thought customer support would honor peoples hard work when a bug affected them.

Ive had trouble getting breeding tokens credited when i got affected by a bug nearly a year ago, but eventually I did get credited. It shouldnt take two weeks and several tickets to get simple problems like missing items credited back. :S

I just started to get my faith back in PG with all of PGChocolates good work on the seasons. Then I have this experience trying to help my teamates get their bugs corrected and made right.

@Arelyna not sure if you’re the one to tag so if not can you tag the correct person? Thanks!

I am sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience with the support team.

Yes, Arelyna is the right person to contact, you can send her a PM here, on the forums, including the ticket number(s) in question so they can be looked into.

Please note that these procedures take time, so don’t expect an immediate response, especially not during the weekend.

I am 100% sure I lost bronze chests the day before yesterday, but not sure the exact number. Have not yet submitted a ticket

Good luck JDat! Its extremely difficult to report bugs to customer support. Over half the time they will give you an answer for something you didnt have a problem with, and completely ignore the problem you’re trying to report.

I think my teamate has replied a dozen times, I even helped her gather all the information support would need (date/time of bug, items affected, description of what happened with the bug, everything) and support still hasnt understood her issue :S

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Finnaly got ahold of someone that knew what they were talking about, so hope it all works out.

But still sometimes its so hard to report bugs to customer support. Even with proper information provided. I usually wait a few days and hope it goes away than deal with the headache from file a ticket lol.

I am sorry that you have had an unfortunate experience with support. Since Fight Pits launched, our ticket queue was insanely impacted which is why it may have taken longer to get a direct response than usual.

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