Missing KOTH (and sometimes ToW)


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Wish we could bring back so old PVPs - would it make the game crash anymore or less?


I would quit tomorrow if Tug of War came back :wink:. Hated that event with all my heart


Kingdom Wars :nauseated_face:


no fight pits, no flag/TOW

bring back original black blood and smirkish, those were very fun, Temple raid was very fun as well


ToW sucked hard!!!
KoTH tho, was real fun (just need to get rid, or lower rarity of all the siege thing that screw prizes in gold chest and it would be awesome…!


Koth yes, tow no. Fight pits is a more tolerable way of doing the tow style imo. I still don’t particularly like it.
Kingdom wars is just horrible (though I love RISK)


KotH was fun, I liked it, too.

ToW? :scream: Rest In Peace.

Fight Pits… kinda meh, but okayish…

Kingdom (aka Boredom) Wars? Oh, Chthulupoop save us!

Temple Raid… Not too bad.


wow wish I knew those ones


I’m afraid skirmish will never return unless they find a way to monetize, and therefore ruin it. I’d love to see it again, though.

ToW can stay dead.

Boredom Wars needs to be MADE dead.

Temple Raid needs a tweak or two, but has promise.

KotH was always fun. I don’t know what issues it caused with their coding, but I’d prefer they fixed it rather than just scrapping it for this other garbage.

I’m not a big fan of Fight Pits, but our team always seems to do well there, so I’m all for keeping it.

Conquer the World was ok. It was slow and a little boring, but at least it had variety as to who could be attacked.

Gauntlet of Tedium needs some major PvE improvements as to levels of bases, needs to get rid of the MegaCoin so that the HP on the PvP islands can be set back to a reasonable level. (So, in other words, it will NEVER happen.)


Legitimate question, why does everyone hate Kingdom Wars? It’s my favorite event.


Search for threads about Boredom Wars or Wallet Wars and you will see. There is too much to just give you a simple answer here.


Cliff notes on why people hate it: your sucess or failure is determined primairly based on where you start in the event, and a fair amount of sucess or failure depends on how much money your nearest neighbors want to throw at the event…


That’s mostly a sapphire+ problem though. Most of the people who hate it in platinum seem to hate it because it requires more strategy and teamwork, and they get crushed despite their spending. We’re not a spender team but comfortably won the event in P2 last time by talking to our neighbors and coordinating well, despite a pretty bad starting position. Personally I like the event, at the platinum 2 level of spending at least.


KOTH I believe was the very first event I ever participated, and I really liked this one so it was sad when we had to say goodbye to it. Miss it sometimes, especially during Kingdom wars which slightly reminds koth except for being one constantly continuing boring fight.
How nice it would be to experience koth once again, so nostalgic…,. Although it’s so old so quite unrealistic it’ll be brought back. Ever.

RIP ToW though, I hope it’s better for you there where you went so don’t come back, Fight Pits does your job quite good.


For the current event (Team Gauntlet), there’s some improvements that could be made and I believe the community has been asking for them for a long time.

The Gustav islands are boring and start at too low of a level (at least for Platinum league). The full island layout is monotonous, we could use some short bases with good setups to make it more fun and less of a grind. The low points from the early islands could also be improved along with the levels of the bases.

The other thing is the PvP island going down in 5 minutes. When that happens, very few players get a chance to gain points from the best source of them in this event. Cutting off Mega Coins for the first 15m of each PvP round would be the ideal fix for this imo.


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