Missing Opportunities

PG has been dropping the ball lately on opportunities for profit.

I can recall a time when we used to receive temporary access to sigil packs and envelopes, valued at around $5 per purchase. If I recall correctly, these contained 500 sigils to distribute throughout the ongoing season; what with sigils being in generally high demand, these were a major selling point.

With recent upsurges in how frequent sigil-intensive structures such as Limited Time Branches and Trading Posts have emerged, these would be useful both for PG as a business and for players as the consumers.


I thought those weee just around Christmas?
Regardless, yeah it seems like it’d make sense from PG’s perspective…

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It sure is weird.

Its like walking into a shop with lots of stuff to buy but the shop keeper saying he doesnt accept any payment methods.

How are we supposed to buy new shiny lines if there isnt a sigil pack to buy?


I assume you’re talking about red envelopes that we sent to other people (or ourselves using alts). They do those for Chinese New Year/Valentine’s Day during the winter season. The rest of the year they have those crappy 500 sigils for $9.99 type packs


At one point I saw pg say something about apple not liking those packs for some reason. I have no idea if that is true or not and don’t remember the specifics that pg gave about it

That was from PGGalileo.

Really missing our community managers…


I don’t remember, did we even get them this year?
Other then elite they are pretty much the only thing I’ll spend on anymore. I actually usually go overboard with them because you can gift to others as well as send to yourself from alts. I would imagine they probably get everyone spending (even some f2p), except maybe whales I guess.


Yes we did…beginning of February…it’s the only time I can give away actual game content on my channel :joy:


I completely agree with this concern and I think there are a lot of opportunities.

I brought up in another thread a while back that I would like to see the envelope option more frequently…

I have a channel on Twitch and every other game I play there EXCEPT War Dragons gives me the option to purchase a pack to give away to the viewer base of that game

Out side of Atlas Elite, I don’t spend on this game anymore…the only time I do is on the envelopes once a year to show appreciation to people in the game and I also use them as giveaways on my social media accounts…

It has always vexed me as to why they wouldn’t want to make it available for reasons like this…but as you said, I agree that there are many opportunities lost…


From what I’ve heard, neither Apple nor Google like when we can give away packs because it gets around exchange fees since someone buying the pack in the US is going to pay less than someone in Europe or Australia.

But if that’s true then why would they be allowed to do the envelopes at all? Unless there’s some kind of special exception for only doing it one week a year.

Yep, it’s the only time I’ll spend on anything beyond elite. I bought 2 each for my leader and officers as a thank you for everything they do.

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Oh yeah so I just came back…do we just straight up not have a manager anymore?

Pretty much. First Crisis left and we just had Arelyna and then she left and we didnt have a CM and DragonPunch was covering. Then we had Galileo for about a year and he left and DP was back to covering. Then they hired Carlos but fired him after like 6 months along with several other staff. So now we’re back to DP giving us occasional info and a lot of crickets


Before them even, we had Pixel. That was a looong time ago.

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Oh right, I forgot about Pixel. I was still a pretty new player when she left so I only ever got to see her once on stream and didn’t use the forums so Arelyna and Crisis were the main CMs that I was first familiar with

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Hm interesting
Do we know what the reason for the firings was? Budget?

They never said anything but it seemed to be in the same wave of layoffs that PGMatt and PGNipNap were part of. I’ve heard it was downsizing but that’s just rumors. PG will never tell us what the reasons were. All we do know is we can see the effects. The seem to be short staffed and information and responses are barely coming out and it seems like they’re having more problems than ever. I dont want DP messaging me again about not being constructive or being snarky but I think us players are really feeling the effects.

I just dont get it. It seemed like Carlos was doing fine, the streams were SUPER cheesy and a bit hard to watch at times but at least he was doing something. They were searching for a CM for a while and then they fired him after only a few months without having someone to fill the position (which used to be the job of 2 people).


Only apple charge a forex fee on top of the pack.

Google absorb the fee. But a sale is a sale surely they like sales?

Isnt a $5 sale x 10,000 a month better than zero dollars for everyone?

Agree with your comments us players are feeling the effects of no CM.

Honestly not sure if I can be bothered playing anymore just feels like the game died and we are trying to keep it alive with a defibrillator and medically induced coma.

Companies like that want everything they can get. If it’s $5 US vs like $8.50 AUS then they want that $8.50 and will not compromise about it. They’ll definitely do nothing over less

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We do pay the AUD value of $8.50 for these packs ( and not $5 AUD for a $5 USD pack )

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