Missing orange evolution stone for Ember

As said in the title, I am missing the last stone for ember, I want to evolve her to orange tier. It isn’t in the store, I only seen Darja pack.

Have you breed a green dragon?
If so, all of Embers packs disappear when you breed one


If you really want ember in orange, if you’ve bought a $100 pack before, then you create a ticket saying you’ve bought an equivalent value pack and would like embers orange stone. They’ll ask you for proof and you show them your App Store purchase. They give you your orange stone and you have an orange ember.


Alright, yes I got a green, and I’ll buy I 100$ pack, lol

Evening DarkOdoragon. Ehm if you want to buy ember in orange I would stop it right now.
It’s better to spend that money in an event dragon or sigil chests but ember it’s just not worth for the long time. Every event dragon is better than him so… If you want you can wait till next season and buy there sigil chest to get an event dragon (if you’re a like to spend money)


dontttttttt, its so not worth 100 bucks!


I tried to provide a receipt from a few months prior to my request and was denied. Didn’t matter that Embers evolution stones were available at the time I made the purchase. They want proof of a recent $100 pack purchase.

Just a little FYI for anyone who might think to try using an old receipt.

That kinda just makes me want to spend it more and regret it later, lol, I have a terrible habit of doing that.

You get to keep the items from the pack anyway.


Don’t spend it! You’ll regret the $100 for ember very very soon I promise.

Plus later you’ll want his faster revive rate than if he were at orange.

Ember’s heal time is the same at all levels and there is nothing to regret if they are going to buy a $100 pack anyway.


Ah forgot that changed that in June. Still a waste of money.

Hahaha, old habits die hard, I do mostly because it’s entertaining to watch humans reactions

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