Missing PVP island again!

Our pvp island hasnt showed, timer just reset and …

Is there anyone who can help us? Please @PGGalileo

Three teams in our league got skipped in the same round earlier today.

It happens because your in the bottom rank team in the event. It’s 25 team per league so 1 team has to be without a pvp island

The bottom team gets a PVE island.

And THREE teams were skipped in one round in D2 earlier today.

The thing is we were ranked 1 not 25

Skip != PVE island

PVE is normal. Skipping is a bug.

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Still nothing about this?

About 6 teams in our league had this happen yesterday. We were ranks 3-15 teams in the event. No one got a pve island but some teams did get an actual pvp island because they were able to shoot up in points and pass many of us because we didn’t get the ability to earn those points.

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We are still asking for our points but support is making fun of us
I dont know how and why only our team was picked

We haven’t had missing islands, but we’ve had a few cases this event where our opponents got the pvp island before us. The last time they got it almost a minute before us.

Guess I should be thankful we get an island at all :rage:

Im happy they ignored all my tickets, just great