Missing Rubies Issue

Just noticed this morning my Rubies are gone! Just before Breeding stated I used a few to accelerate gear upgrading, but still had some 59,000 or so heading into the Breeding event. I finally found the sigel chest option in the armory. I dont recall it being there yesterday, but could have been. Went to open a few super sigel chests and immediately got the message “Not Enough Rubies”… I was shocked and checked and sure enough I now have some 2500.
Where did they go?

It almost seems like when the Super Gigel Chest option went live my Rubies went to zero and the ones I have now were acquired in breeding event … my guess

Anyone else have this issue?

Just after finishing this post I will sending a tick to PG.

IGN: kingmantis

Happened to me last night. Close the game and open it again. Worked for me

I had the same issue as soon as the super sigil chest was purchased. Lost all my rubies and went to 0 rubies. PG responded very quickly and investigated the cause.
Found out that I spent 1240 rubies for healing dragons.
I have plenty of heal potions and never heard of healing dragons with Rubies :man_shrugging:.
PG kindly restored the lost rubies.

Thank you.

I tried the restarting game, phone, cleaned storage & memory, even checked for game update in Google play. - no change to Rubies…I will wait to hear for PG before clearing cache.

:thinking: did you get cache and storage confused? because I’ve never cleared storage but my cache has to be cleared almost every day.

no… I clear storage though android “Setting”, to clear game cache I will need to drill down through install programs/apps and clear. Cache Tab.

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