Missing seasonal keys I was saving from past events completely vanished from inventory

What the heck happened to my seasonal keys from past seasonal events that I was saving that seem to have completely vanished from my inventory all of a sudden ?


Sad :frowning_face:…send a ticket to PG. Or if you have printscreen with your inventory, better.


Old season keys, sigils, badge chests etc get cleaned up after a while since they won’t ever be redeemable anyways, and just clutter up the inventory.


Why aren’t they redeemable later on in the game? I mean just wondering ?

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Are you reffering at Keys from last season? With those you can claim prisez from Redemption branch.

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Because each season uses its own unique keys. You cant save keys from SoulDance or Celestial Rift for the future. You can exchange them in the redemption line during the first two weeks of the following season and after that they’re gone for good. You couldn’t trade in keys from before Celestial Rift at this point anyway.


u had redemtion branches

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