Missing sigils in achievements

Now that the event is over can you please fix this sigil fiasco that pg created?

I think they said Monday at the time, but I guess that really doesn’t make sense considering everyone is off-duty when the event ends (of course). Thinking optimistically, tomorrow? I’m expecting it to be a huge fiasco, though.

Edit: Oops, they did say Tuesday, not Monday.

They said tuesday, so somewhere in the next 22 hours.

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I got my compensation… 550 sigils. My alt got 50, and my smallest, with the lowest score got 150??? What’s up with that?

1650 for maxing the event and someone says they got over 2k from it hmm fishy

This should be easy to fix… All we want is fairness

wasnt for that lmao it was for the breed event correct?

EDIT Legendofdeath deleted lmao!!! but he said finished red tier lol o well i maxed breeding so 1650 most got i wonder if more was sent out i also finished all assault

So I hit 520k achievement and only got 500 sigils. Missing more than that. Pg do you go out of your way to rear end customers? It seams to be. Can you rectify this error? Your actions like this comes out of your pocket.

if your point mark is right you should of got 1150 which i got 700k and got 1650 so you are probably stiffed

189k/208k=50 sigils
254k/390k=550 sigils
520k=1150 sigils

look for your score!


A nice overview can be found here SunScorch - 4th event is BREEDING / ASSAULT RETURNS YAIIIIIIIIII - lets hope no bugs

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Oh come on u know folks got to start there own threads but ur right @moderators

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@PGStaff Why. I got 50 sigils but I’m sure as hell missing a lot more than that, just like everyone in this thread.

Did you actually compare the total of what you got vs what you should have gotten or are you just looking at a sigil prize that isnt there and ignoring totals?


What was your breeding score? Because you might not actually have been missing more than 50 unless you scored pretty high


Sorry i saw the message that Galileo sent also but its a bit of confusing. Your post is more clear, but let me ask, does that mean starting from 189k up to 254 is worth 50, than 254 to 520 is worth 550, 520 1150, and 700 is worth for 1650 sigils? Asking because you wrote like 189/209 not 189/253.

i got it from @Eff he posted it in another thread can ask the one whom posted

224,116 :thinking:

Then that’s the correct amount you were missing. By 208k the total you had claimed was 1800 sigils. In the correct prizes it would have been 1850 sigils. So you were short 50 sigils. If you’d made it to 254k points then they’d have owed you another 500 sigils

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Thanks this is more helpful than the summary table that PG support directed my friend to, elsewhere in the forums (haven’t looked for where, just saw the image).