Missing Silver Chests

At the end of last weeks event, It was clearly displayed on me prizes tab thar I had 56 Silver Chests. Yet upon starting this weeks event I had nothing, wish I would have taken a screen shot but I thought the developers were honest, fair and understanding to the changes ghey make to the game and how it affects the end user. Apparrently $$ is the foremost issue and not content. If they would do they’re research they would realize content generates $$

File a ticket in game.

Last week’s event didn’t have silver chests… :thinking:


They still dropped, you just couldn’t open the.

The silvers don’t drop during pvps anymore …

They did, and if they didn’t, they could still be dropped after an event attack/raid.

You’re not wrong, but they didn’t show up in the prizes tab count.

Maybe I should’ve clarified … not drop from non-event runs.

Edit: Maybe I should do the quote thing. Wonder if that would show better. :thinking:

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