Missing Stones, need help :(

I’m only just returning to the game after uninstalling maybe a year ago now when I went to see my dragons again and found that my Telement is missing some stones that I’m pretty sure i should have unlocked.

Please help I rlly want to fly this dragon but never got the chance to upgrade :frowning:

Definitely looks like a bug, try contacting support and be sure to add these screenshots, they should probably be able to give you the missing stones if the claim is correct

how do i contact support? thanks for the help!

The best way to do this by contacting pocket gems support system. They are the only team can help you with your telement related queries. Please submit a ticket.

Option 1 submit ticket via inside the game > Settings> help

Option 2 > use the below link to submit the ticket.


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Did you level another dragon up to emerald from that season? This seems pretty odd

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Those evo stones were interchangeable. You could use them on each of the 3 Mythics that season. Do you have J’elithos or Durgotth at emerald tier? I did that and had to claim the other branch to get the missing stones. :see_no_evil:


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