Missing Teammates Primarchs


@PGDave @PGEcho

I would really love to donate to my teammate’s taunter. However, it seems to be missing. Photos below. I’m looking for Qwk’s taunter on Rulithia, but as you can see, even though it’s on the list as being there, it’s not there to click on (as the only taunter there is Gazza’s).

P.S. sorry for my collapsed Netflix screen. I’m binge watching Forensic Files


Try move togheter with him onto a goldmine or poacher - you can also donate to him there if it helps for the moment or till it gets fixed


Odd, I’ll ask around and see what’s happening here. It’d be nice if you could donate via the army details page that shows up when you press the “i” button (so you don’t have to hunt for your teammate in 3D if there’s a ton of Primarchs in one place).


I agree - that would be stellar. Thanks Dave


The taunters are stacking.


Forsci knows all :heart_eyes:


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