Missing towers during battle

This is very strange. I just been attacked. In that attack, I have a cannon and a mage tower become forests. The cannon was upgrading, but the mage tower was ready. I couldn’t figure out why. Any ideas?

Was the mage tower recently under construction or moved? It can take the game quite a while to process these changes sometimes. One way to force a reload is to change your portrait (don’t ask why that works…)


Thank you. I changed my portrait just before the attack… The mage tower was under construction before the cannon. So, a building will become a forest if it is under construction?

I find that putting a building into storage and then bringing it back forces the game to update all the recently completed tower upgrades.


Yes. If it is actively upgrading it doesn’t defend your base.

The two easiest ways to get it to reappear AFTER the upgrade is over have been mentioned. Change your portrait then change it back and/or put the tower in storage then take it back out.

I find both methods will work more consistently if you also force close the app after performing one or both and reopening the game.

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Doing the above as well as offering prayers to the rng gods and Not spitting over your left shoulder…

All h honesty the above methods work, I do both portrait and add tower store tower, then have someone look at my base to make sure…

I searched the web for appropiate sacrifices. This should do the trick:

you need two goats, one black and one white, and two ceremonies:
kill the black goat at high noon and the white one at midnight.
Same silver knife for both, of course.

But I have to admit I have not yet found a reliable way to update my base and I have run out of goats and timers.

Adding an hp or attack boost on an unboosted island sometimes helps.

I‘ve experienced this myself. Now I always put the building after upgrading into storage and place it again. Since I do that, I haven‘t had that problem again.

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