Mission Bonus Branch

Hello guys. Do most of the players need to go for the 100 percent mission bonus? Couldn’t find a topic for it. Is it worth for 3150 sigils? for me it’s going to take one pvp and half of a minor event.


Whether you need timer, or egg, get mission bonus branch.
100% is good, 125% is better. (grind wise)


Agreed, the 100% is really worth it for anybody. The rewards you get on the way aren’t too bad either.

The 125% is a bit more of a matter of taste, worth it for very active players in my book, but perhaps not for everyone, especially if you tend to be short on sigils for a season.


It’s probably good for me in this season because i am skipping for the mythic in the next season. Thank you guys.

s.a bu atlasdaki sezon sonu kazanılan bonuslardan mı bahsediyorsun?

As. Yok atlasla alakali degil. Su sigilleri harcadigimiz sekme varya orda en sagda mission bonus branch var. Ondan bahsediyorum.