Mission Bonus reset?

I only get 36+36 tokens now, as if my zeppelin is not trained / promoted?

Did you not claim the egg tokens mission boost?

Yes, 125% bonus. And until about 2 hours ago I also had 84+84.
I have had the new lower values only since just now.

Same here, 125% boost and only 36+36 and 72+72 egg tokens

Same, I’ve had the 125% boost since week 2 and mine is down to 36 for 1hrs

Same here. I’ve had the 125% bonus since day one of the season, but it’s not being applied now. I submitted a ticket.

Even same here.

Ticket Flood time! Is it happening to anyone that doesn’t have the mission boost branch completed? My guess is it’s an unwanted affect with the boolean value where the breeding boost is cancelling the mission boost instead of being ignored like it should.


Wow! Thanks for the post. My ticket has been submitted.

I double checked my own stash and you are correct.
Gal leaves for 5 minutes and everything breaks

Same here, broken.

Seems chest drops have also stopped ?

mine is working all good.

Support said: it should be fixed and work normal. please restart your game :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Sorry I didn’t mention this earlier. This was resolved about 2 hours ago. Please full-close and restart the game to resolve.


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