Mission calibration

It’s been suggested many times that egg missions be scaled to level, and I agree with that totally.

But they should also be better calibrated. For instance, use Nova 9 times is NOT a fair mission, because you can only use that spell once per run, whereas most other spells can be cast repeatedly during a single run. Using Nova nine times, at 2-3 min per run, means that mission takes close to half an hour to fulfil. Another example is “Do 40 million damage with Aibrean” as soon as he is hatched and has less than a million attack. It could take 40 runs to do that much damage with such a tiny dragon. It’s not realistic to expect anyone to spend a lot of money very quickly just to get the sigils required to level him to Obsidian for big missions.

Just an observation.

(P.S. I don’t know if there is a specific mission to do 40 mil dam with Aib, I’m just using it as an example. I know there is a 40-token mission to do 22 mil damage with him, so I imagine the equivalent lvl 3 mission is something close to that.)

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You mean like cast self destruct 10 times? :joy:

Just cancel the mission and move on I suppose

Self destruct can actually be cast multiple times per run, and is available on low-level drags. I just swap in Daemun, run him on a chest base. Cast self-destruct, let the timer run out without tapping anywhere, repeat. You can do about 5 in a run and 10 mins later do it again.


FYI you can cast self destruct then not actually touch the screen until the spell runs out. Your dragon is invincible during this time. It lets you cast it multiple times during the run.

Edit: And now that I’ve read your post again I realize you suggested the exact same thing lmao. I guess I was way too tired when I read your suggesion initially :woman_facepalming:

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Egg missions should be scaled to the builders hut.

This thread isn’t based on payout of missions, but what actually shows up for what you have to do in order to earn the tokens. The original poster is saying everyone agrees that it’s not fair that a lvl 1 player and a lvl 300+ player have the same base token payout when 20 tokens can get that lvl 1 player a new dragon where 20 tokens won’t get you anywhere when you’re facing breeds of more than 125k.


can also control what missions you get by what dragons you have in your lineup.

I frequently swap out babies near the token mission time so as not to get crazy things, especially “over night”

Self-destruct can be recast over and over multiple times per run as long as you don’t touch the screen. Just use a weak base. Nova, on the other hand, is strictly a one-cast-per-run spell, which makes missions requiring its repeated use unduly burdensome and disproportionately time-consuming compared to other equivalent spell-based missions. (More than half my suggestions about this game involve time-efficiency issues, and this is one more example, as well as another example why missions should be scaled — 180 tokens is not adequate reward for half an hour of play dedicated to a single mission.)

If you were done with the multipliers, couldn’t you just Nova the MsMersy base?

Edit: You’d burn through a lot of heal pots that way, but you’d get the mission done reasonably fast.

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Remove the nova dragon from your lineup and swap in ember

…then watch as the first mission to come up is “Do X amount of damage with Ember”. :joy:

Edit: My ember is lvl 2 so don’t mind my jealous pessimism. Lvl 1 ember is great for farming egg missions (because of his heal time).

Below level 200 or so that one is real easy. Go to the 260 chest base, death gaze all the towers, and do millions of damage (getting nice chests in the process).


What’s wrong with this mission?

With PGKissMyAss base death gaze the farms at the end and get 15M+ per run no sweat


It has been a long time since I had an Ember mission, but I remember death gazing a bunch of stuff on the lvl 299 base and it not counting as any dmg for the “Do X amount of dmg” mission.

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Well it does count now, as long as the base is over your required level :+1:

I can verify again if you would like but i verified this ~150k tokens worth this past month and it’s all worked for me :joy::joy:


No sir I do not wish to challenge your expertise in this matter. :grin:

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The point is not having to remove an active dragon from my lineup, or the base. Wraith is a strong dragon, but his one-shot spell is a nuisance for missions, that’s part of the issue. Having to do nine runs to complete one mission is not normal. It’s too time-consuming a mission for the token payout — although I’m not going to spend rubies regenerate a 12-hour mission for this reason.

Honestly, that does sound awful. I agree that it wouldn’t hurt to decrease the number of times that spell needs to be cast to complete the mission.

One thing that would help speed it up until (if) that is changed, is to cast the spell then swap and quit. Cut it down to a few seconds per run.

It’d be nice to be able to exclude some portion of your roster from mission selection, e.g. newly hatched divines for high-levels, or dragons with long-cooldown or limited use spells.

That said, it seems like you can work around it as it stands. You can just decline the bad missions that come up, and if you’re going to grind with rubies, you’ll be temporarily reconfiguring your roster anyway.