Mission Tokens and Rubbies

Does anyone have experience rubbies drops and regular mission tokens in Breeding Event?
Well, PG has employed idiot PR that gives me excuses and has not resolve my issues.

What exactly is your question/problem?


It happens and usually will clear up if you clear your app data and cache. Sometimes you have to uninstall but that’s rare. Make sure you have pocket ID if you go that far

I’m sure he was still wondering about that 18 days later. FlakNIcehole. :rofl:

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Freaking “latest” threads… :wink:


I have had this happen during a breeding event and support had no clue why, I uninstalled/reinstalled. Nothing. Wasn’t getting the token boost for breeding event. Rubies dropped instead of chests.

Never resolved, no compensation despite many screenshots or tickets. Jared even looked into it and found nothing.

Luckily I got over it and let it be water under the bridge. I have my awesome team to thank for that, or I would have walked away from this game long ago due to the numerous bugs that never seem to be resolved.

The key for me is to clear cache and data prior to the uninstall / reinstall.

I have had it happen 3 times now and this fixed it every time. Hopefully it won’t happen again, but if it does, try it.

I am not sure how to clear cache on iOS. On my main that has Android, I know how do that.

I am droid too, sorry, maybe you can’t do that on iOS? Hopefully someone who has an Apple product will chime in. I did a quick search and it seems that you can’t without jail breaking or downloading an app to do it. I wouldn’t recommend either of those.

Sorry, I don’t know beyond my little Droid realm.

Good luck

You can’t in iOS. No option to. :t_rex:

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iOS soft reset

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