Missleading Atlas Messages

The other day I started noticing that I wasn’t actually getting the 200% loot bonus that you receive when your team 100% destroys a poacher.

But finally, after days of the support team answering questions that im not asking, and sending tons of pictures and herding my teammates around destroying our poachers for my research project, finally, i got someone to actually look into it and they said

So no gold in the 200% bonus. Now im wondering why i get 30x the gold for the daily loot bonus but not 30x the crafting materials. There is a bonus but i didnt work out what it is yet. Just wanted to let you all know.

@PGDave Is this a 4.0 thing?

I didn’t think to check the forums for posts about this first. Whoops.

Yes, it should be. We’re wrapping 4.00 up as I type!


So will we be getting an actual dialogue box showing us what we have?

What’s the chances that we can get a personal ledger? I’d like to see what I’m sending to banks, paying to taxes, what I’m getting from mines and poachers, etc.


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