Mistake in season (maybe?)

So I just checked, the gold evolution stone costs 650, while the next 20 12hr speed up costs 500 sigils. Is it a mistake @PGJared @pgEcho

Edit: I checked again and all evolution stones after gold costs tremendously more than the regular prizes. Is it intended?

This is not a mistake, and is intended.


what’s the total sigil cost to complete the branch? won’t be able to log in until later (need to sleep now)

The total costs is 25000 (mistake in one of the calculation)


Haha was too lazy to work it out - figured someone would! Thanks Dak!

So it actually costs less than last season - that’s good!

Took me 20 minutes to crunch in all the numbers xD

Yeah - all that moving between the game and a spreadsheet - plus I was on my mobile until a couple mins ago… :wink:

Ok I’m just lazy… :pig:

Yes, the cost is about the same while rewards are slightly higher and portraits are free.


we saved 830 sigils this season… Hooray :smiley:

Edit: I made a mistake, its 25000 :frowning: we saved only 0 sigils

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well i think its reasonable to let the cost of evo stone a bit higher then lower the other non evo stone so player can claim more item.

830 sigil less is still a good sign though.

Isn’t it 510 sigils

Thank you so much for making the portraits free. As you can see, I dont use them. It always KILLED me to spend hundreds of sigils on them. I really like what you did this time!!


Error at prize 19. Prize 19 shows timers that dont actually exist on the tree. All following prizes off by 1 position.

Thanks for making this awesome list though!

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Thanks. Fixed now. The new cost is 25000

Wasn’t it 25000 sigils last season? I’m pretty sure it was:

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yep. Did my math wrong :frowning:

So we save 700 sigils actually! Woot!

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Can you please define numerically what “rewards are slightly higher means?” I don’t know how much stuff was on the old season lines but just from kind of browsing through it it doesn’t seem like “higher rewards” though I’m also not sure what that means.

If my math is right, using mech’s sheet from last year:

The format is amount this season vs amount last season. This does NOT include the bonus rewards on the Obsidian Stone… at least I think there were bonus rewards (chests and egg tokens?) :see_no_evil:

  • Gold Chests: 91 vs 97 (87 without split branch)
  • Tokens: 16,400 vs 19,200 (16,700 without split branch)
  • Timers: 105 vs 104 (93 without split branch)
  • Mystic Frags: 77 vs 75 (68 without split branch)
  • Ele Embers: 8,550 vs 11,250 (8,250 without split branch)

Keep in mind that portraits are free, though! These used to eat up 1,720 sigils. There are also other rewards not covered in the list.


I already broke it down in the other thread :stuck_out_tongue:

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