Mistery Fragments?

Hey, I just found (for sale) a package that contains mysterious fragments as part of happy holidays, does anyone know what they are for?


Portraits holiday ones normally and I think I can smell their plan and it’s to take whatever money they get from you. Since today’s is 4.99 USD I’m pretty sure it’s going to become wipe offs sooner or later

But the price is reasonable for this amount of resources

There is a special line in the season tab where you can use them. You need 3 to claim a prize.


What Morreion said …

Yes, they told us yesterday about it.


Thanks for your time, I haven’t read yesterday’s release post

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Zero’s list should also be the solution as well technically that’s the final announcement thread should added here. Never was good at explaining thing much other than having hunches.

Can these prizes be claimed individually? Ie I won’t have to buy the base skin to get the portrait?

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