Mithics are too much

Mithic dragon are too much we need to other lower the price or keep it the same price or bring more mithics out pls because I do spend Money on the game and I can’t spend like $4000 on the game pls can we bring out more mithic lines so teams like DREADNAUGHT can flame more mithics and then everyone is happy lower lvls can get mithics and night players can get like 3 mithics

No more than 2 mythics, inflations decreasing Isn’t an option increasing drop payout is the option.

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I don’t even spend any money other than regular elite and sometimes atlas elite and still get mythic without ss for like 1 year+ now
You just need to know how to use rss effectively


How does more mythics help?
You should never have to spend $4000 on a mythic, if you do then you must barely play this game. Everyone has the potential to claim mythics for free, it’s not even that difficult. There are many helpful guides out there for explaining how to do it as a F2P or E2P player. Mythics should be difficult to get and require actual effort, I keep saying it because it’s still true, they’re not participation trophies you get just for showing up. Not everyone even needs mythics, lower levels and lower leagues are just fine with legendaries like Zel. To get a mythic you need to either spend or prepare and utilize your resources wisely. You might have to save your chests and rubies for a season to get yourself started but on decent team that is active you should be able to get a mythic every season or at least every other season for free. I’ve gotten one every season since Ronin’s season (could have got UVS but they changed him too late that season)


How will this help is they are too costly? Getting a mythic is based on your activity level and team.

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So then they are the same price and higher teams can get more !

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So the price still high like normal bit more choices of mythic?
I don’t know what you means at this point

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Yes then it helps low lvls like me get a mithic

How does it help
The price is the same?

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Play in a good team will help along with stock chest, rubies for 1 season then you will have the stuff to do it every season
My first mythic ( well seasonal mythic, if it’s just a mythic then apophet is the first) is ronin which i get around 108~ lv while playing in plat 3-4


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