Moderator Applications


I’ve actually selected them already, but I need to finish revising the Code of Conduct and a few other docs before I reach out.


Progress! A good thing :+1:


How does one apply to be supreme ruler of all Forums? I think i would be good at that… For example the code of Coduct Jarad is currently revising would simply read: THERE IS NO COD OF CONDUCT!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

so… where do i apply for that? :slight_smile:


The Cod of Conduct is undergoing revisions.


Oh where’s the option for a double like for that? Lmao


I identify as a Cod and I am offended by this blatant fishist post. The amount of fishism on the forums is outrageous.


I never favored anyone. But I no longer want the “job” either.




I would normally correct my spelling mistake… but i like COD OF CONDUCT better…


Selected what? The posts Jonesy was talking about in the post above yours or the moderators for this forum? :thinking:




Super excited to meet the new moderators!


Anything on this front?


Does this mean you didn’t pick me? :pensive:


If that’s the case, they probably didn’t pick anyone, Red.


The cod is still evolving :smiley:


This cod is going to be delish.


Ok, seriously, any movement on this? I get that PG HQ is busy and the forums are a low priority, but something needs to be done already.


The cod evolved:


Yep. This was step 1. Step 2 is sending out the Moderator Code of Conduct to players we want to invite as mods and make sure they agree to it. Step 3 is giving them mod access.