Moderator Applications


I guess there be mods now? Someone running around with moderator of the year 2017 tag and locking threads.

Yes, awesome announcement congratulating those suckers, I mean moderators.

Now, how about locking some threads, combining them, policing the spending leagues pissing contests, etc?

Thanks, have a great day.


Is there going to be a mod list? I only know of 2 right now: @Psarus and @ModMat.


Hey, I just knew about the Moderator of the Year 2017 one… I thought the other was just an ingame name.


Nah, he closed down a duplicate thread I redirected, so he gots that powah.


Glad someone has it. Wish they would use it more often, the diamond spenders League pissing contest is going bonkers :rofl: makes for good reading though…


They will have a small shield by their name if they are a moderator.


ModMat, Pixxel, Psarus


Lol we are always about :eyes::eyes::joy:


Does this mean Red doesn’t get a shield? :pensive:


Can they give you your “I know my sh*t” badge at least? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Don’t know what you’re talking about…

Edit: Oh yeah, forgot - You must first acquire an evolved cod.


Was there any official voting for the Status - Voted “Best Moderator of 2017” - that Psarus has?


There was an official voting open just one day for 7 secs, closed after Psa voted himself. Ahahahah
Joking obviously!

@Psarus for president


Haha. Ive no idea where it came from. I’m sure it will
Change soon.


Imma letchu finish, but @Psarus is one of the best moderators of all time.
*hands mic back*


I love thag song :heart_eyes:
Hold me nooow