Moderator Close This Please, Team Found

Language: English
Time Zone: MST/CST
Played time: 1+ years
Age Range:
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Garnet/Emerald/Platinum

Looking for a new team. Preferred Sapphire 3 or higher with Atlas (we currently don’t have atlas) All 3 of us want to stay together, no single player offers will be taken. Also, possibly have 1-2 other players that may want to join. Will consider all offers. Message me (Kiklion) on here, Line or in game. We don’t ever miss wars and contribute plenty in events.

You left the age range blank, I assume one of the players is under 18?

No, we’re all over 18. Dragontrap is older than me, I’m 24. Nitehawk is my wife. I forgot how old he was so I left it blank haha. It didn’t even cross my mind to put all over 18.

Im also looking for a team im level 145

Hi all,

If you really want good home, visit Ancientblood. We are very supportive and helpful. Msg any officers to join our team. I have my main account which is VIPROCKSAB. YOU CAN CONTACT ME THERE AS WELL. THANKS

Check out RegulatorsX .

Message GhostxDarkness

If you guys still need a good team, NewProphecy is a great team :metal: we help and support each other. Have some crazy conversations and above all else like to have some fun while being competitive :revolving_hearts:

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Hi, if you guys are still looking;

KelsArmy – Competetive Plat 1 team

We’re always looking to strengthen and usually have a queue of players, but could possibly shift some around if you’re interested.


We found a team, thank you everyone for the offers!