Moderator in Group Chats


Hi Dragon Lords!

What do you think of having additional ‘Moderators’ in “in-game group chats”?

So far, we can create “in-game group chats” where the only person who can add/kick members is the creator.

I think it will be better if the Creator can assign 2 additional moderators that can also add/kick members. With this, managing group chats will be easier since there’ll be more manpower to monitor it.

What do you think?


I think it’s a great idea. many times it happens that the creator of the chat abandons the team. in this way the whole team is forced to cancel and redo the group chat (example chat War)


@PGJared @Arelyna @PGCrisis this is an awesome suggestion .


I agree. I have had chats fall apart when the creator quits and then never get back together fully. It would be nice if there was moderators to moderate, and be in charge of the chat if the creator quits.


This will be very useful to those teams who utilize Group chats :blush:


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